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Testimonials & Comments From Our Valued Customers

"Thank you for once again having the best customer service I've ever experienced."

Bill, USA

"Just a little feedback - I travel constantly between Germany, Belgium and Holland mainly in the border regions where using vodafone in the past I had an amazing amount of problems with connectivity....and also extremely high costs....I now have absolutely no problems with connectivity...and only incurr costs if I make a call...needless to say I am very happy with your service.

Please do feel free to use my comments on the blog etc, I really am very happy with your service "

Dale - Managing Director of a UK company

"Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly emails regarding my international mobile questions. It was this courtesy that made me buy from you in the end. "

Jennie - US World Traveller

"Thank God that is over! It was costing me an absolute fortune to run that Voda sim!"

Ashley - Tour Director

"My husband and I have returned from our time in europe and the two cell phones worked great. No problems what so ever. My daughter is still there and has been able to make room reservations and contact us with her whereabouts. I can't thank you enough for all of your help getting us set up. I would totally recommend your global sim card to anyone planning an over seas trip. Not only did the card work exactly as you predicted but your customer service was outstanding. Thanks again"

Rebecca - US Traveller to Europe

"The best thing I've ever bought"

UK businessman in Tenerife

"Great idea, good service, perfect connections and wonderful savings on roaming charges."

Philip Williams - Scotland UK

"Your support and response has been fantastic - thank you!!"

Bill & Janet Benn - UK - Global Travellers

"I just wanted to express my unreserved thanks for the ease of use and ability to know exactly how much my calls were costing me, while on a short break in Brazil last week. I had discovered the Global Sim Card whilst surfing the net and took a chance as I was appalled when I found out what my mobile suppliers roaming charges were going to be."

J Fletcher - CEO

"What a service and what politeness! I didn't expect so much."

Flo, Italy

"I wish I had listened to the sales person I was enquiring with. I did not buy a GeoSIM before going to Dubai as I thought it was not worth it. I came back to a mobile bill of over 400. My company was not happy. A GeoSIM would have saved me in the region of 320"


"I will make sure to let my friends and family know that you are the company to go to regarding SIM cards. Have a wonderful day!"

Bethany - USA

"I have just come back from a trip and used my recently acquired Global SIM card which worked fantastically well. I was traveling in the UAE and managed to stay easily and affordably reachable throughout my trip, during which I had to take part in several important conference calls with people in the UK and USA."

Charles, UK businessman.

"People don't believe me when I tell them I receive calls for free abroad!"

Mark - UK long distance truck driver.

"I didn't buy one as I didn't plan to use my phone. Then an emergency came up at home and I spent around 70 on calls in a day. I will buy one the next time I travel - just in case."

Jane - Business lady from UK.