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For more comprehensive instructions See the complete user guide. This is also emailed to you at time of purchase.



Note your phone number, PIN and PIN unlock code (PUK) for future reference. These are sent to you via email when you order your SIM and are shown on your order confirmation email.

Getting Started

  1. Insert GeoSIM™ into your unlocked and compatible mobile phone
  2. Switch on your phone
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Make your calls

Making A Call

  1. You must have credit on your account to make calls
  2. ALWAYS dial numbers using the full international dialling code (even if dialling in country or within the UK) e.g. +44 7624 xxxxxx (some phones may not need the + before the country code). Do not include any preceding zeros in the area code. E.g. to call a London number dial +44207 xxx xxxx NOT +440207.
  3. After dialling the number, there will be a short pause as the service rings you back to connect your call. You simply answer the call in the normal manner and wait to be connected. IGNORE ANY MESSAGES THAT THE PHONE MAY DISPLAY DURING THIS PROCESS. THIS IS NORMAL OPERATION

Receiving Calls

Your GeoSIM™ number is a UK based (Isle of Man) number. Give this to anyone you wish to receive calls from.

For someone to call you from outside of the UK they must dial +44 7624 xxxxxx. If someone is calling you from within the UK, they can dial 07624 xxxxxx.

Adding Credit To Your Account

You can top up your call credit online here

Access Additional Features Of Your Geosim

Your GeoSIM has it's own online back office with additional features. The web interface allows you to view your billing and call details, control voice mail, make calls and make conference calls. You can login to it using your phone number (including the 44 prefix (but not the + sign) and PIN as your user name and password respectively.

Using Voicemail

Dial:121Access messages (plays in order of last received)
 122Turns voicemail on
 122xxSets the time interval before voicemail starts, e.g. 12235 sets the voicemail to start if there is no answer after 35 seconds
 123Turn voicemail off
 124Check settings (indicates your voicemail settings)

Text Messages

GeoSIM™ supports standard text messaging (SMS) for incoming and outgoing messages. Keep messages to 160 characters or less. MMS and Data are not yet supported on GeoSIM.

Quick Access

Dial:102 +{number}Forwarding
 103Forwarding off
 121Voicemail retrieval
 122Voicemail ON
 123Voicemail OFF
 125Check status of features
 154Customer Service
 187Account balance

Trouble Shooting

I cannot make a call...

If your SIM will not make outgoing calls it can be for a number of reasons:

No call credit on your account

Add call credit.

You may be dialling incorrectly

Make sure you do not add any prefix 0's before the country code or leading 0' on the area code. You MUST Always dial the country code you are calling, even if calling in country

Incompatible handset

If your handset is receiving calls OK it could be that your handset is not fully compatible with GeoSIM. Try dialling *125*1*countrycodeandnumber# followed by the send key. Remember to use the # key at the end.

No Roaming coverage in the country you are in

Use a Local SIM in your handset and use the SMS call back trigger and forward your GeoSIM phone number to your local SIM. (see full user guide for details.)

I cannot log into my shopping Account to Top Up or purchase another SIM

Make sure you are entering the correct email address and your Original SIM PIN when logging in to your shopping account to top up your call credit or purchase another GeoSIM.

I cannot log into my SIM Admin Account using the Log In to My Account button

The default user name is your phone number. Enter this in the correct format. E.g. 447624123456

Top Tips

Here are some Top Tips from some of our customers on getting the best from your GeoSIM.

  • Make sure you Top Up your call credit before you travel.
  • Keep your Admin, Shopping and SIM PIN's the same to avoid confusion.
  • Your Shopping PIN must always be the original SIM PIN that was sent with your SIM at the time of purchase.
  • If you are in a country where there is no coverage or high incoming call charges, use the SMS call back service and a local SIM.
  • Forward your GeoSIM global phone number to your home mobile when you have returned home so you won't miss any calls.
  • Use the conference calling feature when you need to talk to more than one person at the same time.
  • Use the Online call set up if you are near a PC and make cheaper calls than dialling from your mobile.