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Beat the VAT Increase : Couch Potato to Half Marathon Man : New Support System

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Beat the VAT Increase on 1st January 2010 and "Save" 2.5%

VAT Increase

You only have a few days left to stop the VAT Man getting grubby hands on your hard earned cash!

Standard rate VAT will increase from 15% to 17.5% on the 1st January 2010. This means all prices will rise by 2.5%

If you already have a GeoSIM and plan on using it next year, remember that your credit is valid indefinately - provided your SIM is kept active, so you might want to think about Topping Up Your Call Credit before the VAT increase.

If you don't already have a SIM, buying before the VAT increase will mean you "save" 2.5% on the SIM price and any call credit you buy with your GeoSIM GlobalSIM Card

The rise only affects UK and EU based customers so any SIM card or Top Up purchases made by customers outside of the EU will still remain VAT free - you lucky people!.

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GeoSIM & "Andy's Angels" - A sad Update

race for life

My good friend Andy Greig died peacefully at home in November after battling Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer). Andy was a good family friend and neighbour. Andy also helped out with some Graphical design work for GeoSIM.

You may recall from previous newsletters that Andy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in February 2008. This is a "rare" form of bone cancer only affects about 400 people per year in the UK, mostly children. Andy was is 43 when he died, leaving his Wife, Sara and 4 children.

Andy had had the affected bone removed from his knee and a Titanium replacement put in its place. The tumour was removed successfully but it was the secondary symptoms on his Lungs called metastases (tumours) that "dealt the final blow". Andy had also undergone open chest surgery to remove as many of the metastases as possible and underwent a series of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatments.

Survival rates for primary bone cancer patients have not changed in 20 years. Other cancer survival rates have risen significantly during that time and the general survival rate for cancer is around 90%. Primary bone cancer remains at around 60%. Research, and therefore funding, is desperately needed.

Like many cancer patients, Andy was raising funds for charity. His chosen charities are Bone Cancer Research and Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes.

Andy's "novel" approach was to form a group of runners called Andy's Angels who take part in various runs around the country. The"Angels" run races ranging between 5km and Marathons. So far his Angels have raised nearly £5000 of a target £10000.

Couch Potato to Half Marathon Man

I was not one of the "original" Angels, but have committed to change from being a "Desk Driving Couch Potato" to a "Half Marathon Man"...... in 12 weeks.....Some says it's impossible, and others say "where do I sponsor you so I can see you in Lycra....!?" Either way my Training is underway in an attempt to run, walk or crawl the Milton Keynes Half Marathon on 7th March 2010.

I am a week in to my traing so far and feeling the "benefits" of sore feet, legs and cold already - oh the joys! Although my training program has been "curtailed" over the last few days due to ice and snow, knowing the British weather this should'nt last long and I'll be back to running in the rain and wind very soon! All for a very worthy cause.

Updates on my progress and aches and pains will probably be put on GeoSIM's BLOG at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/blog

Donations and sponsorship can be made 24/7/365 at Andy's Angels here

Bone Cancer, Willen Hospice If you'd like to read about Andy's valiant fight, visit Andy's BLOG - www.grumpyoldgit.org (The first line has a 18 Rating.....)

GeoSIM will donate £1 for every GeoSIM sold using the "Angels" promo code and 3% of any top up made on any GeoSIMs sold using Andy's Angels Promo code "Angels".

If you don't have a GeoSIM yet, or you know someone who could use a GeoSIM, and would like to have GeoSIM donate funds to a very worthy cause please use the promo code "Angels" at checkout. and this will ensure you get a £1 discount and the sale and commission is tagged to Andy's Angels.


Thank you.

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New Online Support System

GeoSIM now has an online Ticketed Support System at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/support.

The new system has been online for a few months now and the feedback we're getting from customers has been great.

Customers report that response times are far quicker than when sending a support email, and that the support they are getting is more detailed and helpful. We have also noted that using the Online Support ensures that your questions get straight to us, unlike emails, which can get delyed, "lost" or get inadvertently get identified as SPAM or Junk mail.

If you ever need assistance, please use the online support portal at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/support for a speedier response.

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Top Tips - Recovering your user name, PIN and PUK - an old "favorite"

One of the most frequent support query's we get is account log in issues and locked SIMs due to incorrect PIN entry.

These problems are always due to the wrong user name or password being used and not problems with our system as some customers would have us believe!

To log in to your SIM Admin Area use your GeoSIM phone number starting 44 and without the + symbol as your user name and your four digit PIN (Standard GeoSIM) or your PUK (Dual Number GeoSIM) as your password. You can recover your PIN (and PUK) here.

To log into your shopping account to top up or buy another SIM, you use your registered email address and the password you made up when you registered. You can reset you password by using the Forgotten your Password link on the login page here.

If you have incorrectly entered your SIM PIN three times your SIM will be locked. You will need to use your PIN Unlock Code (PUK) to unlock and reset your PIN. You can recover your PUK (and PIN) here.

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Staying Up To Date

There are number of ways you can stay up to date with GeoSIMs latest news, views, technical updates, advisories and waffle.

RSS Feed

We now have an RSS feed from our BLOG. If you want to keep up to date with our postings, updates and news as it happens, subscribe by pressing the nice Orange button.

RSS Feed


Why not join our GeoSIM Group on Facebook? As a member of the group you will find some "top tips", information, updates, press releases and the chance to use the "Discussion Board".


Follow us on Twitter.


Occasional thoughts, news and non telecoms facts can be read on our BLOG at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/blog

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Have a great Christmas and prosperous 2010.

Thank you for your very valued custom in 2009.

Best regards

Ed Neal

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