Text2TopUp - Now Operational - Add Call Credit to your GeoSIM by SMS

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Top Up By SMS & Top Up By Text

Text2TopUp - Back Online

Dear GeoSIM Customer

Our upgrade work on the Text2TopUp service has now been completed so you can now top up your GeoSIM Global SIM card by SMS from over 200 countries.

Text2TopUp is a secure, convenient, quick and simple method of adding credit to your GeoSIM without the need to have internet access. Imagine being able to top up your GeoSIM 24/7 whilst on the beach, at the airport or offshore on your Yacht without the need to use a computer.

Due to some fundamental changes during the upgrade, all customers previously registered for Text2TopUp need to re subscribe and re register their GeoSIM(s). We're sorry about this minor inconvenience, but re registering should only take a minute or two!

To re subscribe log in to your GeoSIM shopping account.

If you've not used Text2TopUp before you can also register for the service using the link above.

How does Text2TopUp work?

Simply send a text message from your GeoSIM to +447786202559 containing the word "topup" and the amount of call credit you want to purchase.

For example; to add £30 of call credit, send a text message containing the words "topup 30" to +447786202559. You will then receive a text message back asking for your GeoSIM PIN, once entered, your credit is then added to your GeoSIM account.

Or, if you only text the keyword "topup" to +447786202559 we add £20 to your account.


Convenient, Quick, Simple and Secure - and no Internet connection needed.

Register now for Text2TopUp, by logging into your account and selecting the "Text2TopUp Registration"

More information is available on the Text2TopUp page at www.globalsimcard.co.uk

Thank you for your valued custom.


GeoSIM support

P.S. Watch out for our Auto Top Up service coming very soon!

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