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New Text2TopUp Number - Update Your Records!

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Our Text2TopUp number has changed to 447786202559.

Make you use 447786202559 when you Text2TopUp as the old number is no longer in use. Save it to your GeoSIM now!

Text2TopUp allows you to add call credit to your GeoSIM anywhere in the world provided you have a mobile phone signal and can send a couple of Text messages.

Text2TopUp gives you the freedom to add call credit without the need to find a computer with Internet access. You can top up from the beach, your boat or cruise ship quickly and securely by sending an SMS text message.

Existing users have topped up from the Straights of Gibraltar, Suez Canal, an oil platform off Nigeria, a bus in Singapore and the top of the Empire State building. If you've used Text2TopUp from an "interesting" location, let us know by the end of July 2009 and we'll give a "prize" of £5 call credit for the most "out of the way" or bizarre location that Text2TopUp has been used.

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GeoSIM & "Andy's Angels" Raising Funds For Bone Cancer Research


race for life

A good friend of mine was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Osteosarcoma in February 2008. This is a "rare" form of bone cancer only affects about 400 people per year in the UK, mostly children. Andy is 43 and his cancer affected, or should that be infected? - the top of his right Femur close to his Knee.

Since his diagnosis, Andy has had the affected bone removed and a Titanium replacement put in its place - it's not quite Bionic. Andy's tumour was removed successfully but has a secondary symptom on his Lungs called metastases (tumours). Andy had open chest surgery to remove as many of the metastases as possible and has undergone a series of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatments and is currently (June 2009) having his last "dose".

Like many cancer patients, Andy is fund raising and his chosen charities a Bone Cancer Research and Willen Hospice. Andy's "novel" approach is to command his "Angels" to run a series of races ranging between 5km and a Marathon. The Angels last race was the Race for Life in Milton Keynes on the 31st May. So far Andy's Angels have helped raised some of the £2000 towards his target of £10000.

Survival rates for primary bone cancer patients have not changed in 20 years. Other cancer survival rates have risen significantly during that time and the general survival rate for cancer is around 90%. Primary bone cancer remains at around 60%. Research, and therefore funding, is desperately needed.

Bone Cancer, Willen Hospice

If you are able to sponsor Andy's Angels, or feel you can donate please donate to Andy's Angels here or use the "Just Giving" link below.

If you need more details and pictures - it's not too gory! visit Andy's BLOG - www.grumpyoldgit.org

GeoSIM will donate £1 for every GeoSIM sold using the "Angels" promo code and 3% of any top up made on any GeoSIMs sold using Andy's Angels Promo code "Angels".

If you don't have a GeoSIM yet, or you know someone who could use a GeoSIM, and would like to have GeoSIM donate funds to a very worthy cause please use the promo code "Angels" at checkout.

Thank you.


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GeoTEXT - Online SMS - How to retain customers and increase profits using SMS

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Savvy businesses looking to increase market share, gain more customers, make more sales or retain existing customers are using SMS to give themselves the competitive edge in the current economic climate - Are you?

Businesses starting to feel the pinch are looking for ways to reduce marketing costs and increase conversion rates. SMS is an ideal tool to improve efficiency and getting a better return on investment from their marketing budget.

We've written a "White Paper" on how SMS can be used to retain customers and increase profits using SMS. You can read it on our BLOG Here.

Register for your free GeoTEXT account with 30 free credits here.

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Web and Email using your GeoSIM

Have you used your GeoSIM to access the web or email yet?

All GeoSIMs are now enabled for roaming data access. This means you can surf the web or access your emails from your mobile, PDA or modem when roaming.

We have made setting up your GeoSIM for data as simple as possible. All you need to do is set up a new Data connection and set the Access Point Name (APN) to "mobiledata"

This should be all you need to do, but some handsets try to be far to clever for themselves and ask for all sorts of other information. Refer to your particular handset user guide if our basic setting does not work.

For our data coverage and rates check the website here.

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We want to give you money! - Affiliates and Resellers Wanted!

Did you know that you can earn cash or call credit with GeoSIM?

If you have a website or BLOG, or simply recommend GeoSIM to others, why not join our affiliate or reseller program and earn cash or call credit for your existing GeoSIM.

We pay excellent commissions for GeoSIM referrals and on going commissions for resellers.

To find out more, or to join our affiliate or reseller program visit the GeoSIM website.

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Top Tips - Recovering your user name, PIN and PUK

One of the most frequent support query's we get is account log in issues and locked SIMs due to incorrect PIN entry.

These problems are always due to the wrong user name or password being used and not problems with our system as some customers would have us believe!

To log in to your SIM Admin Area to check your call log, or set up call forwarding etc. use your GeoSIM phone number starting 44 and without the + symbol as your user name and your four digit PIN as your password. You can recover your PIN (and PUK) here.

To log into your shopping account to top up or buy another SIM, you use your registered email address and the password you made up when you registered. You can reset you password by using the Forgotten your Password link on the login page here.

If you have incorrectly entered your SIM PIN three times your SIM will be locked. You will need to use your PIN Unlock Code (PUK) to unlock and reset your PIN. You can recover your PUK (and PIN) here.

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Business & Consumer Broadband with 5000 free minutes or Free international Calls

Geodesa is pleased to be affiliated with Pipex and Tiscali, the well respected broadband and call providers.

Business Broadband

Pipex have some great Business packages from £19.50 per month. All deals include 5000 talk minutes, enhanced upload speeds, guaranteed uptime. Some packages have download speeds up to 16mb and free enhanced support. For more details or to register check our Pipex website.

* 20 Pop email accounts
* 24/7 UK Support
* FREE Webspace
* FREE Connection
* FREE Migration
* FREE Antivirus
* FREE Static IP
* Inclusive 5000 Mins Talk

Home Broadband

For home broadband and calling Tiscali offer some very competitive deals, including free international calls, unlimited downloads and speeds up to 8mb from £12.99.

Tiscali TV offers the best digital channels and the UK's biggest selection of "on demand" movies. Packages start from just £19.99 for TV Variety Pack, up to 8Mb broadband, phone line rental and UK weekend and international calls. register check our Tiscali website. or go to www.surf-tiscali.co.uk

* TV Variety pack, over 70 of the best digital channels including Sky 1
* Free 7 day catch up & on demand programmes
* Over 1,500 movies on demand
* Up to 8Mb unlimited broadband
* Free wireless router
* Free set top box - or upgrade to Tiscali+ digital recorder
* Includes phone line rental
* Inclusive weekend UK and international calls†
* One off £30 installation fee
* Subject to local availability
* Keep your existing phone number

Tiscali and Pipex products are only available for UK residents.

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RSS Feed

We now have an RSS feed from our BLOG. If you want to keep up to date with our postings, updates and news as it happens, please feel free to subscribe by pressing the nice Orange button.

RSS Feed


A few of you have already joined our GeoSIM "group" on Facebook, for those of you who are not yet members of the group you can check out the GeoSIM Group here. As a member of the group you will find some "top tips", information, updates, press releases and the chance to use the "Discussion Board".


We're also trying out Twitter as a method of updating customers on system status, news and breaking mobile news. You can follow us on Twitter here.


Our BLOG is also available for reading at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/blog

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Have a great summer and if you're travelling, have an enjoyable and safe trip.

Thank you for your valued custom.

Ed Neal

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