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How To Unlock your Mobile with a "PIG"


Fed up having to unlock your mobile online or take it to your local retailer?

With GeoSIMs "SIM PIG", you can bypass the "lock" on many handsets in a matter of seconds, including
Nokia E and N series and Sony Ericsson models.

SIMply PIGgy back SIM PIG onto your existing SIM card. SIM PIG then bypasses the Network lock on your mobile phone meaning you can use any SIM from any network in virtually any handset, including difficult and expensive to unlock modern 3G handsets. SIM PIG does not involve any codes, software or hacks, meaning all functions on your handset remain useable and will not affect the warranty.

SIM PIG can go from handset to handset so one PIG can be used in a number of handsets. No need to get them all unlocked.


Best of all, SIM PIG works with any SIM, including GeoSIM, and costs just £19.99

For more information and to buy online check out the website "SIM PIG".


GeoSIM is proud to continue it's sponsorship of British Super Sport Championship Motor Bike rider, Jack Groves.

GeoSIM Jack and the team use GeoSIM when practicing in Spain and when racing overseas.

For more information on Jack visit www.teamkms.com

We wish Jack and the team a safe and successful season in 2008.


Renewals - Don't leave it until the last minute!

When you receive your annual renewal please ensure that you act on it promptly to avoid any unnecessary "panic" at the last minute and to avoid your account being suspended.

We all receive remainders for all sorts of subscriptions and memberships and often leave it to the last minute - it's human nature. But by not renewing your GeoSIM account when you receive the email, your account gets suspended automatically. Once your account is suspended calls you will be unable to make or receive calls, nor log into your SIM Admin area. This can be inconvenient at the best of times, but if it happens when you are travelling with your SIM or about to jump on a plane, then it can be a major "catastrophe".

GeoSIM sends you a reminder email Four weeks and one week before your renewal is due and also on the day of renewal. You can renew at any time by clicking on any "Buy Now" button on the website and selecting "Fees and Charges". Buy renewing "early" your annual renewal is not brought forward, so you will always have 12 full months use from the anniversary of your SIM purchase date.

Buy renewing you ensure your number stays active and does not get "recycled" and used by someone else, and your call credit gets "rolled over" to the following year.


Top Tips

Here's a few tips from customers on getting the most from your GeoSIM and a few supporting comments by ourselves.

  • Get familiar with the SIM Admin area so you can set up your call forwarding, SMS callback, Web initiated calling and check download your call records.

    You can log into your SIM Admin area with your GeoSIM phone number and PIN

  • If you do not want to forward calls from your regular mobile to your GeoSIM, change your voicemail message telling people to call you direct on your GeoSIM number.

  • Keep your SIM in a handset when its not in use so you don't loose it!

    A great tip. Loosing your handset is a little more unlikely than misplacing your SIM!

  • "We use the text 2 top up system to add call credit from our yacht. This is really useful as we rarely have access to the internet when cruising."

    Full details on the Text2TopUp system can be found here.

  • Playback your voicemail messages via your SIM admin area for free.

    Your voicemail messages are stored for 90 days in your back office/SIM Admin area.

  • Don't leave renewing your GeoSIM to the last minute other wise you may find your SIM account inactive as you jump on the plane.

    Emails are sent out in advance of your renewal date at 4 weeks, one week before and on the day renewal is due. Details on renewals can be found here.

  • Use online calling to make greater savings.

    Details on how to make web initiated call can be found here. You can also set up conference calling and call recording in your Back Office. Getting familiar with the Back Office system enhances the use and flexibility of your GeoSIM.

    If you have any "Top Tips" or examples of large savings or innovative uses of your GeoSIM that you would like to share with other GeoSIM users, please eamil them to contact@globalsimcard.co.uk for inclusion in a newsletter or on the website. Once a month, we will pick a pick a customers "Top Tip" from the" hat" and add £10 free call credit to their GeoSIM account.

  • Coming Soon...."Tell a Friend".... and Earn FREE Call Credit.

    A lot of GeoSIM users are so impressed by the savings they make, that they tell others about GeoSIM. We thought it was only fair to thank those customers who refer potential purchasers to us and who ultimately buy a GeoSIM.

    We already offer a "commercial" referral program for businesses, but nothing for individual customers who "tell a friend" about GeoSIM. We realise that a lot of business comes from our current customers, and are putting systems in place to reward those customers who actively promote GeoSIM. Details are still being finalised and will be announced over the next few weeks, so watch out for details.


    Thank you for your valued custom, safe travels

    Ed Neal

    Global Calling at Local Rates - On Your Mobile