Use Prime Profile in UK

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Use the Prime Profile in the UK


Here is some important news about using your GeoSIM Global SIM card in the UK.

In preparation for much lower calling rates in the UK, we have activated the Prime Profile for use in the UK.

Please use the Prime Profile when using your GeoSIM in the UK with immediate effect.

Your GeoSIM will no longer work on the Global Profile in the UK.

Here are some answers to questions you may have about using the Prime Profile in the UK.

Why are the changes being made?

We have activated the Prime Profile in the UK in preparation for some really low rates we have planned when using your GeoSIM in the UK and when making calls from the UK to other countries.

Can I use the Prime Profile in the UK now?

Yes, you should now start to select the Prime Profile when in the UK.

What about the Global Profile in the UK?

The Global Profile is still active at the moment in the UK but will be disabled soon.

Are there any other benefits of using the Prime Profile in the UK?

Yes. SMS (texts) can now be sent when on the T Mobile network. SMS from O2 and a few other networks such as Giff Gaff and Tesco Mobile will now be received on your GeoSIM.

Can I use email and internet on the Prime Profile?

Yes. There is no change to your data settings.

What about my call charges, will they change?

No. There is no difference to the call rates you are currently charged. However, we will shortly be announcing some new lower rates!

How do I select the Prime Profile

There has been no change to your SIM or the way it works with your phone. You select the Prime Profile from the menu that appears on your handset screen when you start your phone just as you did before.

Are there any other countries that I should use the Prime Profile in?

Yes. As always, you need to use the Prime Profile in Italy.

Will other countries be added to the Prime Profile?

In the future we also plan to enable the Prime Profile in all other European countries. We will let you know about this change closer to the time it will happen. You should use the Global Profile in other European countries until advised otherwise.

For any support issue you may have, please raise a support ticket.


Thank you for your valued custom.



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