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Personalise your voice mail greeting : Change your caller ID : Added security : Text2TopUp

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Personalise your voice mail greetings

international SIM card voice mail

Your GeoSIM voicemail system has recently been upgraded and now offers a host of useful features, including being able to record your own greeting and forward messages to your email inbox.

You can download a copy of the latest GeoSIM user guide here. The voice mail section is in the addendum at the end of the guide.

If you can't wait to record your personalised greeting, grab your GeoSIM mobile now and follow the steps below.


1. Dial 121 or *121# to access your voice mail box.

2. Press 0 (mailbox options)

3. Press 1 to record your Unavailable message, 2 to record your Busy message, 3 to record your Name and Press 4 to record your temporary greeting).

4. Record your greeting and press # when finished.

5. Press 1 to confirm your new message

You will have the chance to review or re record your greeting when you have finished. Once you are happy with your greeting you can hang up.

Forward your messages to your email inbox.

voice mail to email

You can now also have your voice mail messages forwarded to your email inbox so that you can listen to them free of charge on your PC or smartphone.

To have your messages sent to your email address, log in to your SIM control panel and enter your email address in the "Email for notifications" box and tick the "voice mail confirmation" box as per the screen shot to the left.

Once set up, all your voice mails will be sent to your chosen email address.

Other voice mail features are accessible in your SIM control panel include the option to delete all your messages at the press of a button and to change your voice mail PIN.

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Withold your caller ID. Select the caller ID on your Dual number GeoSIM

withold caller id

Did you know that you can now withold your GeoSIM caller ID on outbound calls?

If you have a Dual number (multi IMSI) GeoSIM you can also choose whether you present your UK number or US number on outgoing calls.

To withold your caller ID or change the CLI presented on outgoing calls, log in to your SIM Control Panel and edit the relevant settings shown above.

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Extra level of security introduced at checkout

verified by visa

Mastercard secure code

GeoSIM takes online security and credit card security very seriously and do all we can to protect our customers and business.

We do not store credit card details and regularly use approved 3rd party systems to scan our site to ensure it adheres to the latest online security requirements. We operate according to the PCI compliance standards for using personal information and credit card processing.

As part of our ongoing fight against fraud we have recently implement the Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure system. It is likely that you have already come across these services when buying online with your credit card.

Also known as 3D secure, your bank will ask you to verify that you are the card owner during the checkout process. So, when you top up your GeoSIM or register your card for Text2TopUp (and AutoTopUp when available) your bank may ask for verification.

Although this is one extra step in the check out process, it protects your credit card and our business from fraud.

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Text2TopUp - Have you Registered?

We recently completed upgrade work on the Text2TopUp service so that you can top up your GeoSIM Global SIM card by SMS from over 200 countries.

Text2TopUp is a secure, convenient, quick and simple method of adding credit to your GeoSIM without the need to have internet access. Imagine being able to top up your GeoSIM 24/7 without the need for Internet access.

How does Text2TopUp work?

Once you have registered for Text2TopUp. simply send a text message from your GeoSIM to +447786202559 containing the word "topup" and the amount of call credit you want to purchase.

For example; to add £30 of call credit, send a text message containing the words "topup 30" to +447786202559. You will then receive a text message back asking for your GeoSIM PIN, once entered, your credit is then added to your GeoSIM account.

Or, if you only text the keyword "topup" to +447786202559 we add £20 to your account.

Convenient, Quick, Simple and Secure - and no Internet connection needed.

Register now for Text2TopUp, by logging into your account and selecting the "Text2TopUp Registration"

More information is available on the Text2TopUp page at www.globalsimcard.co.uk

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Thank you for your valued custom, safe travels.

Ed Neal, Managing Director

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