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Two Numbers - One SIM - Free Incoming Calls in the USA

dual imsi SIM

GeoSIM is about to launch it's "market shaking" Dual IMSI SIM. The SIM will have a UK and a USA number assigned to it, making it extremely convenient to those who travel between the UK and US. Planned release date is MID APRIL.

But the biggest shake up is that calls will be free to receive in the USA.

Roaming in the USA has always been expensive, which is ironic given that calling to and within the US is very cheap with landlines and mobiles. Even with GeoSIM, the incoming and outgoing call charges have been relatively high when compared with Europe, but all this is about to change.

The USA will now effectively become "part of Europe" in terms of GeoSIMs call rates and callers will be able to call the relevant number depending on what side of the "pond" they are on.

free incoming calls usa

The GeoSIM will have better coverage nationwide than "the locals" in the USA as it will register on more than one network and uses carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

The final pieces are being put in place for the dual number GeoSIM with a planned release date in early to mid April. Keep your eyes and ears open for more announcements about this fantastic service.

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GeoTEXT - New SMS service for Groups, businesses, Clubs and Charities

bulk sms, SMS marketing, geotext

Does your business or club need to contact staff, customers or members quickly and easily? Geodesa's new GeoTEXT SMS Service could be the answer.

SMS is one of the most effective ways of instantly communicating with people and GeoTEXT makes it very easy to send news, promotions or alerts to any number of club members or customers mobiles in seconds.

Registration is free with 30 inclusive credits to get you going. GeoTEXT is quick and easy to set up, taking about 2 minutes from subscribing to sending the first SMS. Users only pay for the SMS they send, buying messages by the “bundle”.

Existing customers are using GeoTEXT for all sorts of things:

Sending staff details about last minute changes of meeting venue or time.

Businesses sending discounts and promotions to customers at their restaurant

Sailing clubs telling members of races, events and flooding....

Schools telling parents that school is closed due to snow!

Event management companies making sure people are in the right place at the right time.

Scout groups letting parents know they can collect their kids from camp

bulk sms, SMS marketing, geotext

The system can manage unlimited groups of mobile numbers, import numbers and details from Excel, mail merge details into messages and schedule delivery up to a year in advance.

What I love is the immediacy of SMS. From someone having an initial idea, they can have it in the pockets of thousands within minutes. A GeoTEXT SMS goes straight into the pocket of the recipient within seconds - who do you know that does not instinctively check their mobile when bleeps telling them a new message has arrived?

In these times of recession and credit crunch there may have never been such a low cost, high impact way of instantly delivering your message to customers. I'm not talking about SMS Spamming, but delivering your message to people who have opted in to receive messages from you. Such a warm market can lead to very high conversion rates of up to 50% making it very cost effective.

Prices start at £8 for a bundle of 100 credits with larger volumes costing 3.9 pence per message. Volumes over 100000 are available. This is very cheap considering the cost, time and effort involved when sending out a mail shot, which typically only get a limited response. Remember that most email newsletters go into a SPAM folder or never get read.

GeoTEXT provides a free keyword and number to help the user grow a list of opt-in customers who are keen to receive messages and offers. Five digit short codes instead of a mobile number are also available.

Powerful APIs can also be used so integrate GeoTEXT in to your website of CRM system.

Register for your free GeoTEXT account with 30 free credits here.

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Business & Consumer Broadband with 5000 free minutes or Free international Calls

Geodesa is please to be affiliated with Pipex and Tiscali, the well respected broadband and call providers.

Business Broadband

Pipex have some great Business packages from £19.50 per month. All deals include 5000 talk minutes, enhanced upload speeds, guaranteed uptime. Some packages have download speeds up to 16mb and free enhanced support. For more details or to register check our Pipex website.

* 20 Pop email accounts
* 24/7 UK Support
* FREE Webspace
* FREE Connection
* FREE Migration
* FREE Antivirus
* FREE Static IP
* Inclusive 5000 Mins Talk†

†Register before 31st March 2009

Home Broadband

For home broadband and calling Tiscali offer some very competitive deals, including free international calls, unlimited downloads and speeds up to 8mb from £12.99.

Tiscali TV offers the best digital channels and the UK's biggest selection of "on demand" movies. Packages start from just £19.99 for TV Variety Pack, up to 8Mb broadband, phone line rental and UK weekend and international calls. register check our Tiscali website. or go to www.surf-tiscali.co.uk

* TV Variety pack, over 70 of the best digital channels including Sky 1
* Free 7 day catch up & on demand programmes
* Over 1,500 movies on demand
* Up to 8Mb unlimited broadband
* Free wireless router
* Free set top box - or upgrade to Tiscali+ digital recorder
* Includes phone line rental
* Inclusive weekend UK and international calls†
* One off £30 installation fee
* Subject to local availability
* Keep your existing phone number

Tiscali and Pipex products are only available for UK residents.

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How to Forward or Divert Calls

Each GeoSIM has its own "Back Office" or what we call the "SIM Admin Area". There are a number of useful features in the Back Office such as Call Forwarding also known as Call Divert, Call Recording and your call log.

Call forwarding or sometimes called "call divert" means that any call that is made to your GeoSIM number gets Forwarded or diverted to a destination number of your choice.

This is useful if you are in a country where there may be a high incoming call charge and you want to forward calls to a local SIM card or landline number where receiving calls is free. Alternatively, you may be in one location for a long time and want to take all your calls on your office desk phone.

Setting up call forwarding can be done from your handset of via your SIM Admin Area. Once set up, the divert takes effect instantly.

To set up the divert from your handset dial 102 + the destination number. Dial 103 to cancel the divert.

From your SIM Admin area, go to "PROFILE" Then select "INCOMING CALLS". You can then enter the number of the destination phone number you want all calls to your GeoSIM forwarded or diverted to.

To cancel the divert, log in to your SIM Admin Area and select the "Send the call to my Global SIM" Radio button.

To LOG IN to your SIM Admin Area use your GeoSIM phone number starting 44 and without the + symbol as your user name and your four digit PIN as your password.

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Facebook, Twitter and BLOG

A few of you have already joined our GeoSIM "group" on Facebook, for those of you who are not yet members of the group you can check out the GeoSIM Group here. As a member of the group you will find some "top tips", information, updates, press releases and the chance to use the "Discussion Board".

We're also trying out Twitter as a method of updating customers on system status, news and breaking mobile news. You can follow us on Twitter here.

Our BLOG is also available for reading at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/blog

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Thank you for your valued custom, safe travels.

Ed Neal

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