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GPRS Data Enabled GeoSIMs now available

roaming data sim cards

At long last we now have GeoSIMs that are enabled for GPRS data. It's been a long time coming but we've done it!.

The latest versions of GeoSIM can now be used to access the web, send and receive emails as well as SMS and voice calls. Roaming data is available in around 90 countries. For data coverage check our list here.

Olympic Sailor Uses GeoSIM

GeoSIM is proud to have Olympic sailing hopeful, Mark Asquith as a customer. Mark crews on the awseome and exciting 49er class boat. The 49er could be considerd as the Formula 1 of racing skiffs.www.gbr49er.com

GeoSIM Mark Asquith 49er Mark has 6 years experience in the 49er and already has one Olympic campaign under his belt, narrowly missing out on qualifying for the 2004 Athens games and is working hard to be selected with his team mate Paul Campbell-James to represent Great Britain in the UK 2012 games.

Mark and Paul are currently on the ISAF World Cup circuit and came 1st in Melbourne, Australia beating their closest rivals by a massive 21 points. Mark says "The big event each year is the World Championships, this year the regatta venue is Cascais, Portugal in July. So most of our plans are based on being at maximum performance at this regatta.

During mid winter, conditions in England are not ideal for 49er sailing and are not what most of the races are sailed in so we have to go to warmer more consistent climates, hard I know! So December and January are usually based in Miami along with the rest of the European teams, then February and March are reserved for Palma de Mallorca."

Things went well in Miami in January where Mark and Paul finished 4th after a great medal race in 20 knots of breeze. It was the first bit of wind for the whole week which meant a win in the medal race by almost 2 minutes.

Mark goes on to say "The rest of the year we will be going to the 10 or so regattas around Europe, doing a weeks training at the venue ensuring the results are as good as possible."

GeoSIM Mark Asquith 49erHelp Mark's cause

As you may be aware, raising funds to pay for training, equipment and qualifying is challenging. Mark has a couple of website dedicated to sailing equipment in an effort to help fund his Olympic training. Mark specialises in supplying kit for Lasers, Optimists and 49ers as well general chandlery and sailing gear. If you are a dinghy sailor I'm sure Mark would appreciate your business, of which some of the proceeds go to fund his goal of being an Olympic champion.

If you are not a sailor, but still would like to support Mark, use the Promo code "Sailor" at checkout and 10% will be donated to Marks Olympic funding by GeoSIM. Any new customers using the "Sailor" promo code will also get £2 off their first SIM purchase with 10% going to Marks Olympic funding.

Checkout sailing equipment at:

www.49eronline.co.uk for 49er gear and chandlery
www.optimistonline.co.uk for "Opies"
www.laseronline.co.uk for Lasers
www.xtremity.net for sailing gear

Having met Mark for some dinghy sailing training myself I know his focus, dedication and skill will put him in good stead for being selected for the 2012 Olympics. I wish Mark and Paul a safe and successful season in 2009 and run up to the 2012 Olympic Games. (Ed)

Business & Consumer Broadband with 5000 free minutes or Free international Calls

Geodesa is please to be affiliated with Pipex and Tiscali, the well respected broadband and call providers.

Business Broadband

Pipex have some great Business packages from £19.50 per month. All deals include 5000 talk minutes, enhacend upload speeds, guaranteed uptime. Some packages have download speeds up to 16mb and free enhanced support. For more details or to register check our Pipex website.

* 20 Pop email accounts
* 24/7 UK Support
* FREE Webspace
* FREE Connection
* FREE Migration
* FREE Antivirus
* FREE Static IP
* Inclusive 5000 Mins Talk†

†Register before 31st March 2009

Home Broadband

For home broadband and calling Tiscali offer some very competitive deals, including free international calls, unlimited downloads and speeds up to 8mb from £12.99.

Tiscali TV offers the best digital channels and the UK's biggest selection of "on demand" movies. Packages start from just £19.99 for TV Variety Pack, up to 8Mb broadband, phone line rental and UK weekend and international calls. register check our Tiscali website. or go to www.surf-tiscali.co.uk

* TV Variety pack, over 70 of the best digital channels including Sky 1
* Free 7 day catch up & on demand programmes
* Over 1,500 movies on demand
* Up to 8Mb unlimited broadband
* Free wireless router
* Free set top box - or upgrade to Tiscali+ digital recorder
* Includes phone line rental
* Inclusive weekend UK and international calls†
* One off £30 installation fee
* Subject to local availability
* Keep your existing phone number

Tiscali and Pipex products are only available for UK residents.

Calling From Your PC

Each GeoSIM has its own "Back Office" or what we call the "SIM Admin Area". There are a number of really useful features in the Back Office such as Web Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Recording and your call log.

Web calling allows you to set up a call between any two or more phones by entering the respective phone numbers in to the Web calling page. The call is not from your PC, but a "proper" phone call between two real phones.

I use web calling when on holiday or in someone's office. For example, on a recent holiday, our villa had free wireless internet and a line phone that could only receive calls. To call out using Web calling, I logged into my GeoSIM back office on my laptop, and entered the villa phone number and the number I wanted to call. As soon as I pressed the "Dial" button, the villa phone rang and when I picked it up, the GeoSIM system connected me with the destination number I was calling.

More details on making a web call can be found on the Web Initiated Calling page of the GeoSIM website.

To LOG IN to your SIM Admin Area use your GeoSIM phone number starting 44 and without the + symbol as your user name and your four digit PIN as your password.


If you are member of Facebook you may like to join the GeoSIM Group. Here you will find a some "top tips", information, updates, press releases and the chance to use the "Discussion Board".

The group has only just been formed, so there's not much on it yet, so take a look and if you feel inclined, please join us and say "Hi".

Thank you for your valued custom, safe travels.

Ed Neal

Global Calling at Local Rates - On Your Mobile

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