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GeoSIM Autumn Newsletter: Caller ID, 27 New Countries, EU Flat Rate

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Caller ID Enabled

GeoSIM now has caller ID enabled for incoming and outgoing calls.

This useful and "standard" feature will show the callers number on incoming calls to your GeoSIM, and your GeoSIM number will be shown on the handset display of the person you are calling with your GeoSIM. If you have names and numbers saved in your "phone book" on the handset, the callers name will appear instead of the calling phone number.

Caller ID is dependent on any carrier that the call goes by passing the ID through their system. As a call is routed to or from your handset a number of "carriers" or operators are used. Provided all of the carriers support caller ID then the phone number will be displayed. However, if one of the carrier does not support Caller ID, the number will not be displayed on the called handset.

A new "Breed" of SIM PIG


Some of you may have heard about SIM PIG. SIM PIG is GeoSIMs mobile phone unlocking chip. SIM PIG was launched a few months ago with great success. We now have a new "Breed" which unlocks more makes and models of handsets. Our "genetic engineers" are close on creating one for unlocking the iPhone.....what this space!

With GeoSIMs "SIM PIG", you can bypass the "lock" on many handsets in a matter of seconds, including
Nokia E and N series and Sony Ericsson models.

SIMply PIGgy back SIM PIG onto your existing SIM card. SIM PIG then bypasses the Network lock on your mobile phone meaning you can use any SIM from any network in virtually any handset, including difficult and expensive to unlock modern 3G handsets. SIM PIG does not involve any codes, software or hacks, meaning all functions on your handset remain useable and will not affect the warranty.

SIM PIG can go from handset to handset so one PIG can be used in a number of handsets. No need to get them all unlocked.


Best of all, SIM PIG works with any SIM, including GeoSIM, and costs just £16.99

For more information and to buy online check out the website "SIM PIG".



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