AutoTopUp Now Available - Add Call Credit to your GeoSIM Automatically

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Auto top up

Never Run Out Of Call Credit - Top Up Your GeoSIM Automatically

Dear GeoSIM Customer

Have you noticed that you often get low on call credit run out at the most inconvenient time, or when you don't have Internet access? Well, now you can add credit to your GeoSIM automatically when your credit gets low using GeoSIMs new AutoTopUp service.

GeoSIMs AutoTopUp is quick, easy and secure. Simply register for the service and when your call credit gets low, call credit will be added automatically to your GeoSIM account.

To subscribe for AutoTopUp log in to your GeoSIM shopping account.

How does AutoTopUp work?

AutoTopUp works by monitoring your call credit balance as you use your GeoSIM. When your call credit reaches a low level, credit is added to your GeoSIM account automatically. You are in complete control and can choose the low level value between £5 and £20 and add credit between £10 and £50 up to a maximum of £50 per day

Simple and Secure

AutoTopUp is simple to set up and most importantly, secure. We don't store your credit card details. You can change your low level and top up values at any time or unsubscribe and resubscribe whenever you wish.

Register now for AutoTopUp, by logging into your account and selecting the "Text2TopUp & AutoTopUp settings"

More information is available on the AutoTopUp page at

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Thank you for your valued custom.


GeoSIM support

P.S. AutoTopUp not for you? Don't forget our Text2TopUp service.

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