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Location ID 872296168, UK, Haversham

When the Environment Agency gauge at Haversham Bridge reads approximately 2.3m the river bursts it's bank and the lake starts to fill faster. This generally occurs when the lake is about 0.5m but depends on various factors including but not limited to the rate the river is rising and if continued rainfall is forecast.

A level of Zero (0) indicates the lake is at a "Normal" level.

0.15Approx. 30cm below bank level near the BBQ. This level is the level of the Spill way under normal conditions.
0.30At top of bank by BBQ
0.45About halfway between the bank and tap.
0.50Close to the foot of the clubhouse steps and is at the top of the main slipway and at the hedge at the cross roads.
0.55About half way between the hedge and cross roads in the compound. Water is just about to come over the bank at the carpark.
0.70About 2cm deep at the foot of the club house steps. Just pass the cross roads and only just starting to fill the carpark by the fence and Flamvault.
0.95Just past compound gate. 5cm above bottom step. 9 bricks visible on BBQ. Just between rows A & B. About 1/3 carpark covered. Gate to race huts accessible. Clubhouse accessible in adult wellies.
1.10At the 2nd step and starting to flood the back half of the compound. The carpark is half underwater.
1.25At the bottom of the 3rd step and at the back of the compound and level with the bow of the Wayfarer at the gate.
1.40Just covering the 3rd step and about 5cm below the Flamvault closest to the lake. 5 Bricks showing on BBQ.
1.50Halfway between 3rd and 4th step on clubhouse. 5 Bricks showing on the BBQ. Past stern of Wayfarer flowerbed. 9m from carpark gate.
1.55About 5.5 bricks down from the Clubhouse. 2 Bricks showing on the BBQ.
1.751 brick showing on BBQ. 4 bricks showing on clubhouse. Halfway between 4th & 5th step. 1.5m up drive from carpark gate. Row A & B boats floating.
1.98About 3.5 bricks below the Clubhouse. - Estimated

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