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M2M Data from anywhere in the world at a fixed price!

GeoSIM - The Key to Global M2M

  • No geographic M2M constraints
  • GPRS
  • USSD
  • SMS
  • Voice
  • Quick implementation
  • 550+ networks in 200+ countries
  • Established UK based MVNO
  • Data service
  • Bespoke application development
  • Also available for roaming voice & SMS
  • Auto switching between multiple networks
  • No minimum or maximum usage
M2M USSD machine to machine

Global M2M service

Since 2005, GeoSIM has been a market leader and innovator in reducing mobile roaming charges. GeoSIMs global coverage and systems naturally lend themselves to global machine to machine (M2M) communications. Our global coverage in over 200 countries on more than 550 networks ensures your device should never be "out of coverage".

Utilising GeoSIMs existing infrastructure and systems means that you can get your M2M project off the ground quickly and cost effectively.


Instant M2M data from anywhere in the world at a fixed price


GeoSIMs M2M service allows a very fast and cost effective method of passing data between your remote device directly to your server. It is "instant" and only has a latency of a fews seconds.

M2M message length is similar to SMS (160 alphanumeric characters in length) and can be thought of as an "instant SMS" direct to your server but without the delays or non delivery issues SMS can suffer from. Unlike SMS, messages create a real-time connection during a session. The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This makes GeoSIMs M2M system more responsive and reliable than services that use SMS.

Unlike a typical mobile data connection, GeoSIMs M2M service does not need to set up a connection in the same way GPRS/3G does. If the device or handset is registered on a mobile network, then it's ready to send or receive data.

GeoSIMs M2M service utilises USSD messaging to transmit remote sensor data over GSM networks.

Using USSD means there is no delay in setting up a data connection. Power consumption is very low meaning that battery powered devices can communicate for much longer between battery recharge cycles.

Typically suited for adhoc low volume data where a continuous flow of data is not required, GeoSIMs M2M USSD service can be used on a "Pay As You Go" basis or limited by the number of messages.

Setting up a M2M account with GeoSIM takes just 24 to 48 hours, so you can be up and running with minimal delay and resources.

Check out a real life applications using GeoSIMs M2M system for data transfer. Tank level and temperature monitoring and Global tracking device.


GPRS and 3G

GeoSIMs can be used "out of the box" for immediate machine to machine (M2M) communications using GPRS and 3G data roaming connections. Simply insert GeoSIM into your device and configure the APN and you're ready to start sending data.


Application development

GeoSIMs core business is the delivery of M2M data - we provide the conduit to get your data from anywhere in the world, to your application. However, we can also advise and provide server side application development.


SIM card fulfillment

If your M2M requirements only require a few SIMs, or many thousands, GeoSIM can supply global roaming SIM cards that will enable you to get your M2M project off the ground and operational quickly.


Typical M2M applications

M2M applications might include asset tracking, vehicle tracking, remote worker location and safety monitoring. Remote sensors such as tide guages, current meters, storage tank low or high level alarms. Entry and exit alerts on doors and gates, pet or animal tracking, the list of M2M applications is endless, diverse and varied across all industries and businesses.

One simple use that USSD is being used for is tank level and ambient temperature monitoring. See an example of real USSD data here.


If you need to get data from a remote device or application, GeoSIM M2M has the means to deliver it to you.


We are here to help

Why not contact us with your specific requirements and we'll be happy to discuss your ideas and explore possible solutions for your application.