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Using your GeoSIM Global SIM Card

Making a Call

Simply swap your existing SIM card for GeoSIM Global SIm Card and switch on your phone. Your GeoSIM will then lock on to the strongest local GSM mobile phone network and youre ready to make and receive calls!

Making A Call

GeoSIM works slightly differently from your "normal" SIM. When making a call, GeoSIM routes your dialing instruction away from the local operator and sends your call to the GeoSIM "Hub". A few seconds after you dial the number you want to call, your mobile phone will ring. You answer the "callback" and you will be connected to the person you wish to talk to.

In summary:

  1. Dial the number you want to call.
  2. A few seconds after you dial, your handset will ring. Answer the "callback" from the GeoSIM Hub.
  3. You will then get connected to the number you are calling.

You will only be charged from when your call connects to the number you are dialling, not from when you receive the call back like some other Global SIMs do.


Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM global SIM