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GeoSIM Global Sim Card Works In 99% Of Handsets

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Phone Compatibility

Our latest Global SIM card offers lightening fast call connection times and is compatible with pretty much every GSM handset available.

Remeber that your handset MUST be Unlocked to use GeoSIM (or any other SIM).

GeoSIMs systems are made to comply with GSM standards. Unfortunately some manufacturers don't always adhere to these standards exactly on all handset models and firmware versions. On rare occasions a combination of firmware and handset, or the way the handset was unlocked may prevent the GeoSIM from functioning as it should. In most instances dialing using a prefix (show below) allows calls to be made. However in very occasional instances, some handset simply won't make a call.

If using you own handset....

Some customers have reported that they have been unable to use GeoSIM with the following handsets:

Palm Treo's
Samsung SGHQ177
Samsung E1120
Samsung SGH D900 (the SGH E900 works OK)
Samsung "Vibrant"
Nokia N900 and N75
Motorola RAZR
Motorola V190
Ericcson T28

If you find that you are unable to make calls with your handset, first try the prefix method of dialing as outlined below. If that fails, you will need to use an alternative handset.

GeoSIM Handsets

Most people want to use their existing handset, but some want a "phone for travelling". We supply a small range of compatible handsets that are unlocked and SIM free meaning you can use them with GeoSIM. Take a look HERE at our range of handsets.


Prefix Dialling

Most handsets will allow normal dialling; which means you simply enter the number you wish to call, and the SIM places the call. However, some Handsets will require a prefix to be dialled.

If a particular handset generates a "call barring" type message and no callback arrives,it will be neccessary to either dial with the prefix (below - which can also be stored in your Mobile phone directory using this format) or use the "CallBack" menu option on the SIM.

Numbers should be dialed using the following format:

  • * country code and number #

e.g *447624123456# send.

Many Handsets have a Menu Option called "SIM Services" when GeoSIM is inserted. If your handset needs the prefix to be dialed you can work around this by looking for the "Call Back" menu option under SIM services. Selecting this option allows you to dial normally. You could also set up a "short cut" on your handset to the Call Back menu option so you can quickly access the option and enter the number to dial normally without the Prefix.


For more details see our Quickstart guide which contains everything you need to know to start using your GeoSIM.