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Global SIM Experts Launch Innovative DID Virtual Local Number Service

20th March 2012


Global SIM Experts Launch Innovative DID Virtual Local Number Service

Global SIM experts GeoSIM will launch an innovative new service this week which makes roaming charges overseas a thing of the past. Its DiD virtual phone number solution will allow users to bolt on a local land line phone number to their global SIM, whether their handset is in its home country or at the other side of the world. Uniquely, the local number can also be used as the phone’s outgoing caller ID, making it a valuable strategic asset for businesses wishing to develop a virtual global presence.

With a choice of phone numbers from more than 60 countries and over 2400 cities to pick from, the DiD or virtual number solution makes cost effective communication from any mobile a reality, regardless of its geographical location.

Ideal for those who frequently travel on business, live overseas or have family abroad, adding any global number to a global SIM is convenient and supremely cost effective. Significantly, the addition of a DiD means friends and colleagues overseas can call a local number for free using their own inclusive minutes or bundled contract minutes. This cuts out the need to make costly international calls and completely removes the threat of expensive roaming charges.

Ed Neal, managing director of global roaming experts, GeoSIM said, “We’re delighted to launch our new DiD service which we feel is the perfect compliment to our existing global SIM card service. Having a virtual local number added to an existing phone and SIM regardless of whether or not the user is even on the same continent as their new area code has clear benefits. It adds a whole new level of functionality and convenience for our customers, their own clients and colleagues.

“Adding a DID HQ virtual phone number to your GeoSIM gives your contacts the ability to call you, no matter where you are in the world, from their inclusive bundled minutes.

For example, if you have friends and family in the USA and you’re working in the UK, you can add a US land line DID to your GeoSIM so they can call you free from their mobile or home phone. If you also have contacts in another country, such as an office in France that also needs to stay in touch, our system allows a second DID to be mapped to the same GeoSIM so that they can also call you at local rates or for free.”

As well as all of the usual benefits of the global SIM such as receiving calls for free abroad, the addition of a global number supersizes the benefits and carries with it its own business perks. Top of the list is that more than one DiD number can be added to the SIM – ideal for those with business interests in more than one country.

Additionally the number can be redirected to any regular land line, other mobile, SIP or VOIP system at any time, giving complete flexibility and control.

All GeoSIM DID numbers are provided with no minimum useage requirements, can be managed easily online, feature high capacity connectivity with high quality lines with redundant routing and support unlimited incoming calls.