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GeoSIM Worlwide Sim Card Features, Benefits and Savings

In line with our Plain English Policy below you will find more detailed information. There is no small print, just lots of information to ensure that you have all the information you need to make your buying decision.

GeoSIM Benefits GeoSIM Features Included as Standard
Typically 85% Savings Text Messaging
Low Roaming Charges Voicemail
Low Rates to landline and Mobiles Call Forwarding
Works in Over 200 Countries on 500+ networks Conference Calling
Receive Calls at low cost Quick Access Dial Codes
Highest Quality Voice Calling Add local phone number from www.didhq.com
NO Monthly Fees or Contracts Group Calling
NO Connection Charges Call Screening
UK Number and UK + US number on the same SIM Fully featured Online SIM contol panel
Everlasting Call Credit Web initiated dialing for even cheaper calls
SMS Notification of Call Cost and Credit Balance After Each Call Caller ID supported
Cheap to Call from a BT Landline Data - access your emails and surf the web
Works in Most GSM Handsets Real Time Billing
Downloadable Call Records to Excel Choose your caller ID from www.didhq.com
Forward calls to anywhere in the World Voicemail to email

Download a copy of the GeoSIM User Guide.


Typically 85% Savings

Our customers typically save around 85% compared to using their Normal SIM when overseas. PLUS they get better coverage because GeoSIM uses more than one network. That means better coverage than the Locals.

Lower Roaming Charges

GeoSIM does not charge for roaming.

Low Rates to Landlines and Mobiles

Probably the lowest Global SIM rates on offer.

Works in Over 200 Countries on 500+ netowrks

Too many to list here! See coverage for details.

Receive Calls for Low cost

Receive calls for lower costs world wide

Highest Quality Voice Calling

GeoSIM uses the existing networks such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange (All Tier 1 Carriers) along with hundreds of others around the world. With global operators such as these, you can be sure of a good connection and a clear line.

NO Monthly Fees or Contracts

We can't say it any plainer than that.

NO Connection Charges

No additional connection charge is made per call, you are only charged the relevant call rate.

UK Number

GeoSIM is a UK Number, Not an Estonian (+372) or Liechtenstein (+423) like many Global SIM providers use.

Everlasting Call Credit

Your call credit will not run out for at least 12 months. Your SIM needs to be kept active and have been used at least once in a 12 month period. To renew your SIM costs 4.99 + VAT. If you choose not to renew, your SIM is suspended and your call credit removed. IF you do renew, your credit Rolls over to the next year.

Cheap to Call from a BT Landline

Calling GeoSIM is cheap unlike calling other foreign or International SIMs.

BT (British Telecom) charge 13p during the day, 8p during the evening and night and 5p at weekends to call GeoSIM. You can add your GeoSIM number to their Friends and Family package for additional discounts.

Calling GeoSIM from a mobile may incur a charge. Some networks will include calling GeoSIM in your inclusive minute package, and some won't. Please check with your network.

Works in Most GSM Handsets

Check your handset compatibility.

Call Forwarding

Forward any incoming call to anywhere in the world for a few pence.


Retrieve your voicemails from your handset or have your messages sent to your email inbox.

Conference Calling

Conference in an unlimited number of phones from your handset or SIM control panel.

Quick Access Dial Codes

Use your own Short codes to dial your most used numbers.

Call Recording

Record your calls for future reference for business use, remembering directions or memorable moments.

Group Calling

Add up to six phone numbers to a Group. This group can be called using a short code. This feature can be used for regular conference calls to the same people.

The GeoSIM system can also be set up to forward any incoming call to a specific group. When this happens, all of the groups phones ring at the same time. The first person to answer, takes the call and the other phones stop ringing. The phone numbers can be anywhere in the world. This is a great feature for help or support lines.

Call Screening

Screen your incoming calls based on rules that you set up and define the action you want to be taken.

Fully featured Online SIM Control Panel

GeoSIM is not Just a SIM. It is part of a centralised communications hub. Many additional features and functions are accessed your SIM Control Panel.

Web initiated dialing for even cheaper calls

Initiate calls between any two or more phones anywhere in the world from your sim Control Panel. Record the calls for posterity, conference the callers in and out of the call and mute/unmute people on the call.

Online call initiation is an even cheaper way of making calls, and you don't need your GeoSIM with you to do it.

SMS Notification of Call Cost and Credit Balance After Each Call

After each call your handset will receive an SMS message telling you the cost of your last call and your remaining balance.

Downloadable Call Records to Excel

Download all call records at anytime and open in Excel. Great for expense tracking and accounting.

Voicemail Access and Playback

Access your voicemail from your handset or have them emailed to your inbox.

Comprehensive User Guide

Download a copy of the GeoSIM User Guide.