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Global Sim Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

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Most asked questions

Where Does GeoSIM Work?

GeoSIM works in over 200 countries and more than 550 networks, many of which, receiving calls is free. Check our coverage and call calculator to see how little you pay.

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What Do Calls Cost?

Call costs vary. Check our interactive rate calculator for voice calls and SMS/Texts.

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What Does Sending A Text Cost?

Text costs vary depending on your location. Check our rate calculator here...

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Will It Work With My Phone?

Yes, GeoSIM works in 99.9% of GSM handsets. If you do not have an unlocked handset, we can supply one. Details HERE

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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What Network Do You Use?

GeoSIM uses the existing GSM networks, such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, ATT, Telefonica, SFR, MTN, Digicell and many other GSM networks around the world. It will automatically select the strongest signal and lock on to it. You may find that as you move around, the network to which GeoSIM uses changes. This means you actually have a better service than the locals!

GeoSIM will operate on the following GSM Bands/Frequencies:

  • GSM 850 (USA)
  • GSM 900 (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, parts of South and Central America)
  • GSM 1800 (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia/Pacific, Brazil)
  • GSM 1900 (USA, Canada, South and Central America)

Due to the variety of network frequencies and systems around the world, it is stronly recommended at a Tri-band or Quad band mobile phone with 3G capability is used when you travel so that you are sure of getting a connection. GeoSIM is not responsible for lack of service due to an unsuitable handset.

In Japan and Korea you will need a 3G handset which has UMTS/WCDMA 2100 functionality. You should ensure you have a suitable handset for the region you are travelling to otherwise your GeoSIM (or any other SIM) will not function. This is a handset requirement and not a GeoSIM requirement.

US number recycling. If you have a dual number GeoSIM with a US number, your US number will be valid for 60 days. If you do not use your SIM within the US at least every 60 days, then your US number will be cancelled and "recycled". This is a US regulator requirement and not a GeoSIM condition. If your US number is recycled simply dial *160# to obtain a new US number. Unfortunately the same US number cannot be reasigned to your SIM.


GeoSIM works using the GSM system which is adopted in the vast majority of countries around the world by the vast majority of major networks. In some countries, the CDMA system is used by some networks. For example, some networks in the USA use the CDMA system.

SMS between GSM and CDMA networks is not always possible, although some networks may be able to translate between GSM and CDMA. Any failure of SMS delivery or receipt between a GSM network and a CDMA handset is not the fault of GeoSIM, but a symptom of two differing systems.

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How Long Does My Unused Call Credit Last?

Your call credit will last at least 12 months from the time of purchase. See below regarding annual renewal fee.

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Is There An Annual Renewal Fee?

Yes. A nominal annual fee of 4.99 + VAT is charged. This keeps your SIM active and call credit available provided that your SIM has also been used in the previous 12 months.

Unlike many Global SIM companies, we do not take unused call credit away from you if it is not used within a short period of time - some companies will take unused call credit from you after just 45 days.

One "Leading Brand" charges a daily usage charge of 39p and "Credit Holding Charge of £2 per month". This means that if you use your SIM, you are charged 39p per day (£142.35 per year!) and if you don't use it. £24 per year.

In line with our Clear Pricing Policy we do not hide this fee in higher call and call connection charges, or charge for non connected calls.

Our advice is to keep your SIM active by paying the 4.99 annual fee - it's very cost effective and means you won't lose any call credit.

Before the annual anniversary of your card, you will be contacted to see if you want to keep your GeoSIM active and keep your call credit. If you do, we will charge a 4.99 + VAT service access charge. This will keep your GeoSIM active and your call credit will roll over to the next year. Your SIM MUST also have made a chargable event in the previous 12 months. This could be a call, Text, or data session. If you decide not to keep your GeoSIM active your service will be permanently suspended by the carrier and any call credit cancelled.

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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How Do I Pay My Renewal Fee?

You will be contacted by about 4 weeks, 1 week and on the due date, email reminding you to renew. The email will contain a link to the relevant page on our website so you can pay by by credit card or PayPal.


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How Do I Add Call Credit?

You can add call credit 24/7 via this website at our top up page or using Text2TopUp, a system which allows a top up request to be made by sending an SMS to our system. AutoTopUp is also available and allows you to Automatically top up your account when your balance gets low.

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How Do I Check My Call Credit Balance?

Dial 187 from your handset. After each call you can opt to receive a free text detailing the cost of your last call and your remaining balance. Dial 188 to switch this feature on, and 189 to switch it off. You can also check your account balance online in your GeoSIM online back office/SIM Admin area. Once logged in got to "Billing" the "Account". Your live balance will then be shown.

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Does GeoSIM Have Voicemail?

Yes. You can listen to your voice mail from your handset oe have all your voicemail messages emailed to your inbox. Voice mail to email is free. Listening to your voicemail from your handset costs the same as a call back to the UK from whichever country you are in.

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Can I Forward Calls From GeoSIM To Another Phone?

Yes. You can forward calls to your GeoSIM onward to any number in the world. For fowarding costs visit Call costs and Coverage

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Can I Transfer My Existing Number To GeoSIM?

No. "Porting" of your existing number to GeoSIM is not currently possible, nor is porting your GeoSIM number to another provider. PAC numbers are not available for GeoSIM numbers.

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What Does It Cost People To Call Me?

GeoSIM 0770 and 07978 numbers are main land UK mobile numbers.

Calls to these numbers from a BT (British telecom) landline cost about 17p per minute during the day, 13p during the evenings and night and 8p at weekends.

The GeoSIM number range is also eligible for BT Friends & Family discounts which reduce the above prices by about 10%.

Most UK networks charge their "standard Rate" to call GeoSIM, which is normally between 10 and 40p per minute, but it does depend on your package you have with your provider. Please check with your service provider. We have no idea why some networks charge to call another UK mobile, but its probably for the same reason they charge high roaming charges!

NOTE: You can add local land line phone numbers to your GeoSIM so that people can call you at local rates or free of charge depending on their service provider. For more details see here.

Please note that we try to keep up to date with other carriers tariffs, but they may change their pricing to call various number ranges, including GeoSIM numbers before we can update our web pages.

If you are a non UK customer, your network or carrier will probably charge you for calling a UK mobile. You need to ask your carrier or network what they will charge to make an international call to a UK mobile.

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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Is Caller ID Supported?

Yes, Caller ID is supported on GeoSIM.

Caller ID does depend on any intermidiary carrier passing it through their system, provided they do, GeoSIM will present the caller ID on inbound and outbound calls.

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Ordering, Shipping and payments

Where Can You Deliver?

We deliver to all UK addresses including the channel islands, the European Union and the United States of America and Canada.

We also deliver to many other countries including Brazil, India, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Qatar, New Zealand and Australia, plus MANY more.

We do not deliver to West or East Africa, nor some middle Eastern counties. Please contact us if you have a specific delivery question.

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How Long Will Delivery Take?

Orders within the UK are dispatched by either Royal Mail 1st, 2nd Class or Royal Mail Special Delivery - Guaranteed by 1PM next working Day. 1st Class delivery normally takes 1-2 days from time of dispatch. "nd class can take up to 7 days and Special Delivery is guaranteed next working day by 1pm. NOTE: SPECIAL DELIVERY ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 2PM TO BE DESPATCHED THE SAME DAY. Orders are not sent on Saturdays or Sundays.

Overseas orders are sent standard airmail. Orders within the European Union typically arrive within 5 to 7 working days. Orders shipped to the USA or Canada typically arrive within 7 to 10 working days. For the rest of the world allow approximately 14 days for delivery.

We can also dispatch overseas orders via UPS express shipping. Pricing is shown during the checkout process.

In the unlikely event that there is a delay in fulfilling your order for any reason, we will inform you immediately and offer either an alternative product, if appropriate, or a refund in full.

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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How Much Will Delivery Cost?

UK 1st Class delivery for up to Three GeoSIMs costs £2.35 inc VAT. This is our standard delivery service to the UK.

Free UK shipping using 2nd class post.

UK Special Delivery costs 10.00 Inc VAT for up to Three GeoSIMs.

Delivery to the European Union, 3.50 inc. VAT for up to Three GeoSIMs.

Delivery charges to USA and Canada 3.50 for up to Three GeoSIMs.

Delivery to the Rest of the world 3.50 inc VAT for up to Three GeoSIMs.


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Do You Have A Shop?

No, we are exclusively an online business.

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Is My Personal Information Secure?

We take your privacy very seriously. We will only ever pass on your details to a third party payment verification service to help prevent fraud. If we ever have to contact you by phone we will only discuss your order with yourself, without exception.

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What Currencies Do You Accept?

All credit/debit card payments will be processed in Pounds Sterling at the exchange rate determined by your credit card company.

If you pay by American Express your order will be processed via the PayPal gateway. PayPal and American express charge all transactions in US Dollars therefore the amount charged may differ slightly (+/-6%) from our listed price. This is beyond our control and is not a charge levied by Geodesa.

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What Payments Do You Accept?

We accept online payment by credit or debit card or PayPal. We do not accept cheques, bank transfers or Western Union.

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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Who Will Receive My Payment?

Geodesa Communications is a trading name of Geodesa Ltd. A UK Registered company (No. 04580936). As such, credit or debit card payments will appear on your bank records as "Geodesa, Geodesa Communications or Geodesa Comms."

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We will refund in full (excluding postage) the cost of your GeoSIM and call credit if you decide within 14 days of ordering that you no longer require the SIM. A refund will only be given if the SIM and associated online account has not been used and the SIM is returned to us intact and in an undamaged and unused condition.

If there is a problem with your GeoSIM please contact us and we'll endeavour to put things right and offer a refund if appropriate.

The success of our business relies on positive recommendations from our customers. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Refunds or returns will not be offered due to changes to calling or receiving costs.

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Order Cancellation?

If you wish to cancel your order please notify us immediately. If your order has already been shipped please contact us when you receive your SIM to arrange for it to be returned. We will refund in full (excluding postage) the cost of your GeoSIM and call credit when we receive your SIM, providing it is intact and in an undamaged and unused condition.

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Can I Get A Quantity Discount?

If you would like to order 3 or more items please don't hesitate to contact us prior to placing your order and we'll be happy to offer you an appropriate discount.

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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For more detailed information please check our User Guide

I Am Unable To Make Calls?

  • Check you have call credit on your account by dialling 187 or by checking online.
  • Are you dialling correctly? Make sure you ALWAYS dial the full international format i.e. to call us in the UK dial +441908888670. Do not use any leading 0's. Even if you are in the UK you need to dial the country code. DO NOT substitute the + symbol with 00.
  • Is your handset compatible. You may need to use the manual dial prefix. Try dialling countrycodeandnumber# Don't forget the # at the end.
  • There may be a local network issue. Try manually selecting a different network from your handset menu.
  • Are you in a country that has coverage.

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My Handset Displays Some Unusual Messages When Making A Call. Is this OK?

Yes, this is normal. Ignore these messages. Shortly afterwards, your phone will ring back and connect your call.

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My Phone Rings When I Make A Call! What Do I Do?

This is the GeoSIM system calling you back to connect your call. Answer the call and you will be connected to the number you are calling.

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People Are Unable To Call Me?

Are they dialling correctly? From the UK, the caller only needs to dial 07xxx xxxxxx. If they are calling you from outside of the UK, they need to dial +447xxx xxxxxx

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