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Add Extra Phone Numbers to your GeoSIM

DID's Virtual Numbers, DDI's

  • Choose phone numbers from over 60 countries
  • Select a phone number from over 2400 cities
  • Add more than one number (DID) to your SIM
  • Redirect to regular, VoIP or SIP at any time
  • No Minimum Usage
  • Callers to your DID pay from bundled or contract minutes
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Online account management
  • High quality lines with redundant routing
  • High capacity connectivity
  • Order online at www.didhq.com
DID numbers from www.didhq.com

Why add a DID (DDI) to your GeoSIM?

A DID, sometimes called a DDI or "virtual phone number", is a great way of making it convenient for people to call you at local rates on your GeoSIM.

Adding a local land line number to your GeoSIM gives your friends, family or business contacts the ability to call you on a local phone number. This normally means that they can call you "free" using their inclusive or bundled contract minutes.

A DID also allows you or your business to have a virtual presence in a city anywhere in the world. This is very useful if you have customers or contacts that are unable to call internationally or reluctant to make international calls.

GeoSIMs partner service from www.didhq.com provides virtual phone numbers DID's that can be directly mapped to your GeoSIM. Uniquely, DID HQ numbers can also be used as your GeoSIM's outgoing caller ID.

DID HQ numbers are not "tied" to your GeoSIM and can be redirected to normal PSTN land lines, mobile phones, SIP and VoIP systems at any time. They are totally flexible.


People Can Call You For FREE!

Adding a DID HQ virtual phone number to your GeoSIM gives your contacts the ability to call you, no matter where you are in the world, from the their inclusive bundled minutes. For example, if you have friends and family in the UK, you can add a UK land line DID to your GeoSIM so they can call you free* from their mobile or home phone!

If you also have contacts in another country, why not add another DID to your GeoSIM so that they can also call you at local rates or for free?

DID HQ numbers stay active for as long as you need them to.

For more details visit www.didhq.com


*Networks often allow free local or calls to land lines free of charge or from inclusive minutes. Specific call allowances should be determined by the caller for calling a local phone number.

Calls to a GeoSIMs DID incurs a surcharge of £0.16 / $0.25 per minute and is debited fom the GeoSIMs call credit balance.

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