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Data Configuration for Roaming Data on your GeoSIM

If you have a Standard SIM or a Multi Number SIM which has been enabled for Data, here's how you configure it for roaming data


To SET UP AND CONFIGURE DATA on your GeoSIM, you need to:

1. You will need to setup a new 'Access Point Name' (try to avoid editting an existing access point name) on your mobile handset. The access point name (APN) you need to set up needs to be called GLOBALDATA. You will not need a User name or password.

2. Change 'Authentication' setting in your phone to normal (not secure)

3. You MAY need to remove all other data connections, otherwise your phone may try to connect to your original suppler.

4. Only select 3G option on your mobile if 3G data service is available. If you SIM does not connect, try setting to 2G service.

Some handsets, Modems or Dongles may ask or need a number to dial, if this is the case with your device, enter *99#

When you have finished using data service, make sure you disconnect manualy otherwise you will be charged for data as your phone may still be connected.

Note: As with any mobile device, data connectivity is very reliant on a number of factors, including;

1. Your device capability
2. The local networks capability
3. And - having a good signal
4. And - not having network congestion

If the mobile signal is weak or fluctuating data sessions may drop out. If you experience connection issues, always try manually connecting to a different network, or setting your SIM/device to "GSM only". This may give a more stable but slower connection speed.

Some Blackberry devices do not allow a new APN to be set up even if the Blackberry is unlocked. This is a device issue and not a GeoSIM issue.