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Global SIM and International SIM card comparison

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Some Important Considerations When Purchasing A Global SIM

Check Item GeoSIM
Check call rates GeoSIM Call Calculator
How long does your call credit last? At least 12 months.
Is it a UK number? Yes
When will the provider claw back unused credit? Never
Have rates been Zoned for your convenience? - Usually means higher call charges No
SMS call cost notification after each call? Yes
Does it have One number for Voice and SMS? Yes same UK number - some have different numbers for each

When considering purchasing a Global SIM card there are many things to consider not just initial price, FREE initial call credit or Headline Cheap Rates between a few countries.

We believe GeoSIM offers the best all round Global SIM Card solution and probably has the lowest calling rates.

What to Consider GeoSIM Other SIMs
Cost From 14.99 12.99-35.99 (Cheaper SIMs usually Estonian or Lichtenstein based numbers) or have connection charges and higher rates.
Included call credit 10, £20, £50, £100 Varies (If more, often limited life span and credit expires quickly)
Unused Credit Expires 12 months (can be rolled over) Between 45 days and 12 months (some indefinite if topped up)
UK Number Yes Some
Add unlimited local numbers to your SIM. Yes. www.didhq.com None
Multi IMSI for optimal savings in some countries Yes Some
Daily Usage charge NO Some SIMs charge you per day for whenever you use your SIM. One "leading brand" charges 39p per day - thats £142 per year! In addition to this the call rates are high if calling outside of Europe.
Credit holding fee NO Some SIMs charge you £2 per month when your SIM is not in use for simply "holding" your call credit. In addition to this the call rates are high if calling outside of Europe.
Billing Cycle 60/60 - Minimum call charge 60 seconds, then 60 seconds thereafter 60/60 + connection charge & higher rates
Connection Charge No Some. Some SIMs charge for non connected calls.
One number for Voice & SMS Yes Some A few SIMs have a different number for people to text you on and call you on - how inconvenient.
Calls from web interface? Yes Some
Call forwarding Yes to any number in the world. Very small charge. See call calculator. Most SIMs do not offer this facility
Full online Back office for account and SIM admin and many other features Yes Free Very few
Real-time call records Yes Some
Zoned calling regions No - Low rates everywhere Some
Set your Caller ID to any of your numbers Yes Some
Free Voice Mail retrieval Yes - via voicemail to email Some