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Guaranteed Savings! Compare Our Call Costs With Your Current Network

GeoSIM Versus The Other Major UK Networks

We're confident that using GeoSIM Global SIM Card will save you a significant amount of money when roaming with your mobile, no matter which country you are from.

GeoSIM Global SIM cards, or sometimes called an International SIM card or World Wide SIM Card are used by thousands of savvy travelers daily all over the world. Businesses and travellers are making great savings each time they make or receive a call.

Although we don't show comparisons for all networks from all over the world, our comparison table below for UK networks is indicative of the savings you can make when using a GeoSIM Global SIM card instead of your regular SIM card when roaming abroad with your mobile.

Remember; GeoSIM uses the very same networks and infrastructure as local SIM cards but with the added advantage of not being tied to any particular one, so you can be sure of having better coverage than the locals!

Below are some comparisons of charges between a GeoSIM global SIM and the major UK providers. We have tried to show the cheapest options that the other networks offer. Note that T-Mobile recently increased their non EU roaming charges by about 60% so the savings could be even greater.

The numbers speak for themselves. Global calling at local rates

Call TypeGeoSIMO2 (ITS) Vodafone (Anytime 200)T-MobileOrange
Calling from France to UK 0.31 0.580.75 + Home Rate 0.550.70
Receiving a call in FranceLow0.180.18 0.180.18
Calling in country 0.31 0.580.60 0.550.70
Calling out of "Zone"NA0.931.500.550.70
Calling from Spain to UK 0.31 0.580.75 + Home Rate 0.550.70
Receiving a call in SpainLow0.180.18 0.180.18
Calling in country 0.31 0.580.600.55 0.70
Calling out of "Zone"NA0.931.50 0.550.70
Calling UK from Dubai 0.41 1.201.50 1.401.45
Receiving a call in Dubai £0.13 0.991.25 1.000.90
Calling in country 0.51 1.201.95 1.401.45
Calling out of "Zone"NA1.791.95 1.401.45
Calling UK from Australia 0.45 0.600.75 + Home Rate 0.750.80
Receiving a call in AustraliaLow0.500.75 per call 0.700.70
Calling in country 0.40 0.601.95 0.750.85
Calling out of "Zone"NA1.791.95 1.401.45
Calling UK from South Africa 0.48 0.600.75 + Home Rate 1.401.45
Receiving a call in South AfricaLow0.500.75 per call 1.300.90
Calling in country 0.47 0.601.95 1.401.45
Calling out of "Zone"NA1.791.95 1.401.45
Calling UK from USA 0.40- Dual number GeoSIM 0.901.10 0.551.10
Receiving a call in USA Lower - Dual number GeoSIM 0.450.75 0.500.70
Calling in country 0.32 0.901.10 0.551.10
Calling out of "Zone"NA1.791.95 0.550.70
Charge for International option No - Cheap rates fundamental to SIM 2.99 (included in contracts over 35 per month) Passport & int. call saver where applicable 2.50 per month

* We tried really hard to understand the costing plans for each of the alternative service providers and are pretty sure we interpreted them correctly, but boy, do they make it complicated and make regular changes to their tarrifs! Comparison costs are based on a Monthly contract and we have used any "International Saver" type option they offer to try and show GeoSIM prices against the other networks best prices.

** Assumes Vodafone Passport is used and uses 50 % of inclusive minutes. If Vodafone customer were to have remaning "Inclusive minutes" then savings would be less than shown. We have tried to use realistic usage figures in this example - but it was a challenge figuring it all out.

If Vodafone customer has Inclusive minutes remaining, call is 75p per call, otherwise charged at same rate as home + 75p connection.

Comparision rates for alternative providers are taken from their respective websites. Every effort has been made to provide a fair and representative comparison, however it is an interpretation of the other networks tarrifs and you should visit your own providers website and check costs for using your mobile interantionally or roaming.

E&O excepted.


What You Need To Know

Many of the providers use Zones and use flat rate costs "to make it easy to know what you're paying" What we noted, was that if you call outside of the Zone, your charges shoot up even higher! Also beware if you are travelling to countries or regions other than Europe as the major networks tend to have very high roaming charges when anywhere they call "Rest of World".

Some providers offer "International Saver" packages. These sometimes cost an additional monthly fee or may be included in a monthly contract if you "opt in". We used the providers "International Saver" option where they offer one, to show you the cheapest rates they offer - Still looks pretty costly to us.....

At GeoSIM we believe in transparency and Plain English. We endeavour to keep our rates simple and straightforward.

No smoke and mirrors
No connection charges
No monthly fees
No minimum usage to qualify for cheaper rates.

What you see, is what you pay. No clawing back of unused call credit, No freebies enticing you in the short term, but charging you in the longer term.

Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

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