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Annual Access Fee
[Annual Access Fee]
4.99 (5.99 inc VAT)

The Annual Access Fee is the charge that allows your GeoSIM to access the GSM network. It is a fee charged by our carrier to GeoSIM.

When you purchase your GeoSIM the Access Fee is included in the price. On each 12 month anniversary of the purchase date of your GeoSIM, the annual renewal is due. When your renewal is paid, your GeoSIM stays active on the GSM network and your call credit balance is "rolled over" to the next year, and you keep your number.

In line with our Open Pricing Policy we do not hide this fee in high per minute charges, call connection charges or taking credit from your account if you don't use your SIM for a couple of months as many other "Global SIM" suppliers do.

For more information check our FAQs and renewal fee details

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Add call credit without the need for internet access with AutoTopup or Text2TopUp. It's quick, easy secure. Once registered you can add call credit to your phone simply by sending an SMS or Automatically when your credit gets low. No more having to get to a web browser!