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Pocket Tracker/Transponder
[Global Transponder 1]
£166.67 (£200.00 inc VAT)


Includes unlimited Global Tracking for 1 year

You’ve probably heard of GPS trackers - but even if you like the idea, you may have been put off by the cost, the poor battery life and the fact that it only works outdoors.

What if there was a Tracker that worked anywhere in the world with up to 4 weeks battery life, worked indoors and outside, used 3 methods of locating itself and was about the size of a box of matches?

What if it gave unlimited position updates without any roaming charges or expensive data connections. And what if it only needed a mobile phone signal and no GPRS data connection?

Such a device is now available in the form of the Global Transponder.

So what is the Global Transponder?

Global GPS Tracker

It’s the world’s first GPS/WiFi/GSM tracker with unlimited location updates from anywhere in the world whether you’re outside or indoors.

Not only that, it uses GeoSIMs unique global M2M data service. Combined with the unique technology it means that it can send location updates without any mobile data connection from anywhere in the world. All it needs is a mobile phone signal.

Track your kids, your car or your luggage. Keep tabs on Grandma or check where the dog’s got to!

pocket GPS Tracker

We have worked with our partners over the last 15 months refining the technology so whereas a standard GPS tracker will run out of power in a day or two, the Transponder can last for up to four weeks on a single charge.

The Transponder is fully configurable. Basically, it goes to sleep for a predetermined time and wakes up to get a location using GPS. It will also register up to three mobile phone cell towers and and WiFi hot spots it can see. All this information is then passed back to our servers, where the position of the Transponder can be calculated.

Global GPS Tracker

If the device is indoors or can't "see" any GPS signals, then its location can still be resolved from the Cell tower ID's and/or WiFi. Whilst this is not as accurate as a GPS fix, its still enable you to see "roughly" where the device is.

The device can also be "woken up" by movement by using its internal accelerometers. Great for putting in your vehicle or asset to keep tabs on it's location or if it gets moved.

Some "geeky techy" information.

Global GPS Tracker

✐ Tri Fix Technology. Uses GPS, GSM and WiFi to fix position.
✐ Powered by internal battery or externally via mini USB connector.
✐ Battery life up to 4 weeks on single charge. (depends on location update rate)
✐ View and control the Transponder from an iOS app, Android or Web service
✐ Approximate size 6cm x 3cm x 1cm
✐ CE approved. FCC Approval pending.