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GeoSIM SIM Protection
[GeoSIM Protection]
12.49 (14.99 inc VAT)

Life Time GeoSIM Global SIM Protection

Life Time protection for your GeoSIM in case of loss or theft or damage.


1. Replacement SIM
2. Call credit
3. Shipping replacement SIM by standard post world wide
4. Replacement of GeoSIM with new number or same number

Terms and Conditions:

If you loose, damage or have your GeoSIM stolen, you must notify GeoSIM immediately by raising a support ticket at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/support or by email to support @ globalsimcard.co.uk

Once you have notified us, your GeoSIM will be suspended to prevent further use. If you fail to tell us of the theft or damage to the SIM, it could result in your call credit being used by someone unauthorised by you. GeoSIM will not be liable to reimburse any call credit prior to you reporting the loss or damage of your GeoSIM.

You must report the theft or loss to the Police and tell us Police crime or incident number, along with the name of the Police station, and the date which the crime or incident was reported. Claims will not be accepted unless this information is provided.

GeoSIM protection covers up to a maximum of two GeoSIMs.

Protection must be taken out prior to the renewal date of the GeoSIM.

Claims will be void if the lost, damaged or stolen GeoSIM is not currently active.

Protection will be canceled if a GeoSIM is not kept active. No refund will be made in the instance of a GeoSIM not being renewed.

This protection does not cover any additional or sub-sequential costs incurred due to the consequence of the loss, theft, damage or fault of the Global SIM card.

Any protection shall be void in the event of fraud, non-disclosure or alteration of risk.

The protection does not cover loss, theft or damage to associated equipment such as the mobile phone, dongle or any other equipment or belongings.

The protection does not cover loss or damage caused by a wilful act or negligence by the owner or any third party.

Claims are limited to one claim per 12-month period.

Protection is only applicable for GeoSIM global SIM cards.

The protection does not insure any third party SIM card supplied by another company, agent of GeoSIM products or services.

We reserve the right to cancel the Protection by sending notice to your registered email address, and in such an event returning the premium for the unexpired period provided no claim has been made.