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Want To Use Your Phone On Holiday? - Save With A Roaming Global Sim Card!

Key Benefits

  • Typical savings of around 85% compared with your usual mobile
  • Easy to use
  • Low roaming charges
  • LOW calling and SMS rates
  • No contracts, monthly charges or connection fees
  • Keeping in touch with home need not cost more than your flight!
  • Uses existing GSM networks for crystal clear conversations
  • 24/7 top up facility
  • Fully Featured Voice Mail

See GeoSIM Features for more details... Avoid Roaming charges with a GeoSIM

				global SIM card

Benefits for Business Travellers

Typical Holiday Savings

Sally is planning to go on a 1 week holiday to Spain. She knows that using her phone abroad with her current provider will be costly because of roaming charges.

She has thought about registering for her providers Overseas discounts scheme (e.g. O2 International Traveller Service or Vodafone. Passport), but finds that she will still pay to receive calls and will have to pay a monthly fee to receive slightly cheaper calls.

Sally decided to purchase a GeoSIM global SIM card.

Sally thinks that she will make five calls to the UK, each five minutes long and will send 10 texts to UK mobiles.

She is no longer worried about the cost of receiving calls because GeoSIM receives calls cheaper than her everyday mobile provider. Her Mum will be calling her every day for about 5 minutes.

Cost comparison based on Seven calls of five minutes duration and sending Seven SMS to the UK.

 GeoSIMO2 (Standard)O2 (ITS)OrangeT-Mobile Vodafone (Int. Call Saver & Passport)
Calls ReceivedLow3310111926
Calls Made73020241926
Text (SMS) Messaging322232
Using GeoSIM saves 5523 273144
Using GeoSIM Saves 85%69% 73%76%81%

* We tried really hard to understand the costing plans for each of the alternative service providers and are pretty sure we interpreted them correctly, but boy, do they make it complicated! Comparison costs are based on a Monthly contract and we have used any "International Saver" type option they offer to try and show GeoSIM prices against the other networks best prices.

** Assumes Vodafone Passport is used and uses 50 % of inclusive minutes. If Vodafone customer were to have remaining "Inclusive minutes" then savings would be less than shown. We have tried to use realistic usage figures in this example - but it was a challenge figuring it all out.

Sally's friends and family can call her from between 5p and 13p per minute from a BT landline and Sally can use her mobile to call home and not have to worry about roaming charges.

What You Need To Know

Many of the providers use Zones and use flat rate costs "to make it easy to know what you're paying". What we noted, was that if you call outside of the Zone, your charges shoot up even higher!

Some providers offer "International Saver" packages. These sometimes cost an additional monthly fee or may be included in a monthly contract if you "opt in". We used the providers "International Saver" option where they offer one, to show you the cheapest rates they offer - Still looks pretty costly to us.....

At GeoSIM we believe in transparency and Plain English. We endeavour to keep our rates simple and straightforward.

No smoke and mirrors
No connection charges
No monthly fees
No minimum usage to qualify for cheaper rates.

What you see, is what you pay. No clawing back of unused call credit, No freebies enticing you in the short term, but charging you in the longer term.

Comparision rates for alternative providers are taken from their respective websites on 23rd February 2007. Every effort has been made to provide a fair and representative comparison, however it is an interpretation of the other networks tarrifs.

E&O excepted.

Don't let your mobile phone bill cost more than your Holiday!

With the cost of travel falling, and budget flights costing just a few pounds, one of the most significant costs of a holiday or short break is your mobile phone bill.

Whilst you are sunning yourself on the beach, or playing a round of golf, when some one calls you on your mobile, you are paying to receive the call and when you make a call, you are charged "Roaming Charges" which significantly increases your mobile call costs.

Some unfortunte people return home to a mobile phone bill that costs more than the flight or holiday - See our testimonials page for someone who went to Dubai for 3 days and his phone bill cost more than his flight.....!

Don't spoil the memories of your holiday by returning to a huge phone bill. Use a GeoSIM global SIM card to make calling home insignificant.