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Affiliates & Resellers

Money Making Opportunities...

GeoSIM and it's benefits are something that should be shared.

We offer a flexible affiliate and reseller program, offering attractive commissions with varying levels of commitment.



As an affiliate you simply apply and we send you banners and links for your website or blog. We then track any sales that come from your sites and pay you £2.00 for every SIM you help us sell.


No financial outlay
Selection of personalised banners
Quick and easy application
We provide all customer support

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A reseller has the same set up as an affiliate, with banners and links. You can also sell SIMs you have purchased from us direct to your customers. You can resell the SIMs at whatever price you wish. We pre assign your SIMs to your reseller account so when your customer comes to our website to top up, we pay you a percentage of the top up as commission. We do this every time they top up!


Purchase SIMs at wholesale prices
Selection of personalised banners
Quick and easy application
Profit on SIM retail margins
Excellent ongoing commissions for all top ups
GeoSIM provides all customer support

Contact us if you would like to discuss the reseller position.



As a dealer you'll buy SIMs from us wholesale, set your own call rates and administer you customers directly. You will develop your own brand and provide all your customer support and do your own marketing. We provide you with a fully functional "back office" to administer you account and customer accounts. We can help with setting up websites if need be.


Why join GeoSIM

In the current economic climate, reselling GeoSIM is a sensible choice. Many businesses and travellers are looking to save even more money. Unlike many businesses, we have seen a significant increase in sales and usage over the last few months.

We are regularly introducing new products and services. The latest being our Dual IMSI SIM card.

GeoSIM is one of the longest established, well respected and reliable Global SIM providers. We have thousands of customers all over the world.

Setting you up as an affiliate or reseller is very quick and we can have you “in business” within a few minutes of your application being accepted.

What are you waiting for?

We look forward to you joining us.

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