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Has your "International"SIM stopped working?

Has Your Provider Stopped Answering the Phone or Replying to emails?

Beware, they may be about to go out of business, or already have.

GeoSIM was one of the first to offer a "Gobal SIM" and knows that there are certain warning signs to look out for with your provider that might indicate problems

We've seen lots of companies come go and their customers and dealers loose out.

We are experienced in adopting and reactivating SIMs.


We are currently Adopting and reactivating SIMs from GlobalSIM.net, a German supplier who is no longer providing service to SIMs.

To reactivate your GlobaSIM.net SIM Card please REGISTER HERE


Free incoming calls, Free Voicemail retrieval, No connection Charges, No Daily Useage charges, No credit Holding Fees, No charges for non connected calls, Just plain simple pricing and fantastic features such as Realtime billing and call records, Call forwarding, Call recording and much more.

GeoSIM is Reliable, Stable and Established