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International SIM Card - Save up to 85% when Roaming Top up Credit Buy Now

Are you fed up paying roaming charges when using your mobile abroad? Would you like to save up to 85% on call charges and receive calls cheaply?

GeoSIM has the answer! Using a GeoSIM International is SIM card will significantly reduce your mobile phone charges when travelling abroad. Use your SIM for voice, SMS and roaming data and start saving.

Our International SIM cards offer exceptional call quality and reliability, and are chosen by professional and leisure travellers all over the world. GeoSIM has also been featured on the BBC "The One Show".

GeoSIM offers low cost incoming calls in many countries. GeoSIM works in over 200 countries on over 550 networks around the world so you can be sure of great coverage. Choose a Single number GeoSIM or our dual number, multi IMSI SIM that has a UK and US phone number anywhere in the world.

If you use a GPS tracker then our Multi Network roaming SIM ensures that it stays connected by being able to switch networks. It's also great for other Machine to Machine (M2M) applications and devices such as alarms, Telematics, remote sensors and control systems.

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