Mar 24

Bulk SMS is a key tool for retaining customers and increasing profits.

Savvy businesses looking to increase market share, gain more customers, make more sales or retain existing customers are using SMS to give themselves the competitive edge in the current economic climate – Are you?

Businesses starting to feel the pinch are looking for ways to reduce marketing costs and increase conversion rates.  SMS is an ideal tool to improve efficiency and getting a better return on investment from their marketing budget.

Here are a few ways SMS can make your business more profitable.

GeoTXT for SMS marketing or Club notices

SMS marketing for Business

1. Hold on to What You’ve Got – Keep your existing customers

Most business owners will agree it costs a lot less to keep an existing customer than to find a new one and that a long term client is more profitable.

Keeping your customers will not only save you money, it will make you money. Typically an existing customers will account for over 50% of a company’s annual sales, and they will pay around 30% to 50% more per transaction.

Regular communication is key, but no one wants to be bombarded with SMS marketing text messages.  However, an occasional, friendly, relevant and personalized offer or promotion will help maintain your relationship and could provide just the push you need to increase sales and retain your customers.

2. Advertising Response – Maximize ROI

Return on investment is the key for ensuring profitability. Every advertising penny should produce results.  Raising brand awareness can be costly and does not always create immediate sales and a return on your investment.

Targeted bulk text campaigns to a qualified database with a strong call to action can create an impulse buy. The beauty to getting a direct response is the  fact that people carry their phones with them wherever they go. The vast majority of people read their texts immediately there phone “bleeps” telling them they have a new message. Statistics from the Mobile Data Association  show that response rates for mobile are four times greater than other direct marketing methods. Unlike mail shots and other advertising, the cost of delivering your message to a targeted market costs a few pence per text.  Lead and preparation time is minimal. The time between an initial idea and sending the SMS can be a few minutes.

3. Integrate

Mobile marketing often works best when integrated with other campaigns. Integrating SMS into all marketing materials such as newsletters, websites, e-marketing, point of sale,  TV and radio will increase response, raise awareness and increase ROI.

SMS gives customers and prospects another medium to contact your business.  SMS is often more convenient and impulsive than phoning or emailing. With a quick text, leads or customers can easily register their interest in a product or service. E.g “Text BROCHURE + your email address to xxxxx” All inbound opt-in details are stored in your on line account for further contact and an email with a PDF brochure attachment is automatically sent.

4. Free Marketing – Go Viral

Viral marketing is a strategy that encourages individuals to pass on your marketing messages to others. It’s not surprising that mobile communication along with the web is a key viral marketing channel.

Everyone loves a bargain, and SMS is proving very powerful in the viral marketing field. Texts are the ideal viral marketing tool capable of reaching much further than just the initial recipients.

Good offers and promotions are often shared amongst friends eager to spread the word. If your business sends out tempting offers and promotions then there is a good chance people will want to share them. It couldn’t be any easier or more convenient than to pass on via a quick text.

People like receiving texts from friends.  Receiving something from a friend gives  more credibility than a direct marketing messages. 94% of texts get opened and read which offers great opportunities for marketing your business.

5. Lead Generation

How can your business obtain quality leads at a fair price?

Mobile Marketing enables your business to build its own opt-in database of contacts at no extra cost, simply by publishing your SMS short code or number on all marketing  and POS material. This is a much more practical way of operating than buying in cold call data from a broker. Displaying a long or Short Code should be part of your general practice when marketing, just like showing your domain name.

People that send you and SMS are very warm leads to prospect to.

6. Measuring and Tracking Results

SMS and Text marketing is very easy to track and measure.

It doesn’t cost anything to monitor where people heard of a business and SMS text promotions such as two  for one, free entry texts, happy hour SMS vouchers and buy one get one free are perfect for monitoring due to easy visual or coded redemption details.

No time to loose, register for your own free GeoTEXT SMS account

GeoTEXT is a bulk SMS service, provided by Geodesa Limited in the UK.


Using only UK based carriers your messages are sure to be delivered. Set up is quick and easy, taking about 2 minutes from registering to sending your first Text message.

Full on line administration and delivery monitoring is available.  Powerful APIs are available which allow integration of the SMS system in to your website.

Choose your own keyword and only pay for the SMS you send.

Feb 20


Bulk SMS text service for businesses, community groups, schools or clubs.

Geodesa Communications has launched GeoTEXT, a “bulk” SMS Texting service.

GeoTEXT is an online system that makes it very easy to send bulk SMS texts to groups of customers & staff from the web, email or even from your website.  With free online sign up and a bundle of free credits to get started, users can be registered and sending SMS within about 2 minutes.

There are thousands of example uses for SMS texting, including:

  • Scheduled Appointment / Meeting Reminders

Send scheduled reminders and save costs by lowering your missed appointments

  • Promotions or Offers

Send personalised and unique promotions to your customers to generate further income

  • Collect Mobile Numbers

New prospects can text into your free account to receive future messages from you

  • News or Information Updates

Keep people informed with up to the minute information

  • Internal Communications

Keep your employees up to date – sales figures, meetings events etc.

  • Managing an event?

Then make sure everyone knows where to be and when.

Use your own KEYWORD to collect your customer’s mobile numbers. For example, print “text FOOD to 07786200350 to receive news & offers from Jims Cafe”.

You can fully configure your FREE Keyword to:

– Send out an Auto Reply Message
– Send this message from a specific Sender Name
– Include a link to a website
– Forward all inbound texts to specific email addresses or server

GeoTEXT also allows direct SMS from your website using a comprehensive set of API’s

For more details or to register online for your free account, visit