Sep 15

Massive Data Roaming Reductions in over 30 countries.

After some heavy negotiations with our roaming partners we’ve been able to get some fantastic new low prices for GeoSIM roaming data .

Charges in over 30 countries have been reduced by up to 98% (USA). The average reduction is 48%.

We’ve also reduced the minimum charge & increment to 10kb down from 100kb.

Other big reductions are in Belgium (43%), China (63%), Egypt (95%), India (60%), Israel (96%) & Turkey (82%) and many more!

Many other countries have seen significant reductions, so checkout the new low Roaming Data charges here at

Don’t forget that any GeoSIM global SIM card can be used for data (email & web access).

There are no minimum usage charges, monthly fees,data  “bundles” or contracts.  You simply pay for what you use.

GeoSIM data can be used in smartphones, iPhones, iPads & USB modem Dongles

Mar 30

How to Set Up Data on Your GeoSIM

All GeoSIMs have now been enabled for Roaming Data.

You need to set up a new Access point Name (APN) on your device before you can check email and surf the web using your Global SIM Card.

Instructions on how to set up your GeoSIM for Global Roaming Data can be found here

Data costs and coverage can be found here


Mar 23

All GeoSIMs Now Enabled for Roaming Data

GeoSIM Global SIM Cards can now be used for checking email and surfing the web using Prepaid Roaming Data.

Data connections are available on over 305 networks in over 125 countries.

There are no monthly fees, activation fess, contracts or minimum usage, simply pay for what you use, when you use it.  At the time of this post, we are unaware of any other Pay As You Go data plan any where else in the world.

The data “add on” complements the global roaming voice and SMS service and can be used in smartphones & dongles.

Data can be used on any unlocked phone or dongle that allows you to set up a new Access Point Name (APN).*

To set up your GeoSIM for data, simply locate the APN set up option and create a new connection with the APN “mobiledata”, no user names or passwords are required.

* Some Blackberry devices do not allow user configuration of APNs.  Please check with your particular device. GeoSIM is unable offer advice regarding APN set up on Blackberry.

Feb 02

Dual Number GeoSIM  – Now with GPRS and 3G data.

Dual number GeoSIM Global SIM Cards are now available with a data connection.

Standard GeoSIMs have had data capability for some time and now the same data profile has been put on to the latest Multi IMSI GeoSIMs.

The new “Business” profile allows voice, SMS and data in the same 130 countries as the standard GeoSIM.  If you need more countries or want free incoming calls in the USA simply switch to the Global or USA profiles.  Switching profiles increases voice and SMS coverage to over 200 countries and 550+ networks.

As a bonus, the current phone numbers onthe SIMs are pretty nice, all starting 4477000xxxx

Choose your favorite number and look for Data Enabled SIMs from the listing on the GeoSIM website

Jun 08

In June ‘s News Letter

How GeoSIM & Andy’s Angels are raising funds for Bone Cancer Research and Willen Hospice.

Find out how to increase profits and retain customers using SMS.

How to set your GeoSIM up to access the Internet and collect your emails using a roaming data connection.

Read it all (and more) here

Feb 06
GPRS Data Now On GeoSIM Roaming SIM

GPRS Data Now On GeoSIM Roaming SIM

The latest version of GeoSIM now supports data.

Look for any SIM listed as “Data Ready” on the buy now pages

A global press release was made for this “momentous” event.  Interest and sales have “exploded”.

Feb 06

GeoSIMs Blog is launched today!

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