Apr 01

New Call Forwarding Charge to Iraq

GeoSIM call forwarding charges to Iraq mobile and landlines have been increased from free to £0.10 or $0.15 per minute.

Call forwarding to Iraq at weekends has been reduced from £0.14 / $0.21 per minute to £0.10 / $0.15 per minute.

These changes take effect from 1st April 2011

Mar 30

Free call forwarding to Iraq to end

Free call forwarding to Iraq is to come to an end shortly.

Due to significant abuse of this feature, GeoSIM will no longer  support free forwarding to Iraqi phone numbers during weekdays.

Free call forwarding to Iraq at weekends was recently abolished for the same reasons of abuse.

A definitive date for the implementation of call forwarding will be published shortly and our rate sheet updated accordingly here

Other countries will not be affected by this rate change and free call forwarding will, for the time being, continue.


Jan 24

Simplified GeoSIM control panel goes live.

GeoSIM users now have a access to a new control panel to administer their GeoSIM account.

The new cleaner and simplified looks allows easier configuration of GeoSIM features including call forwarding / call divert set up, voicemail to email and web initiated calling.

To log in to the new SIM control panel go to www.globalsimcard.co.uk and select Login at the top right of the page.

More great features are planned in the coming months.