GeoSIMs Mission & Philosophy

A GeoSIM customer recently said to me…

I like your web site and product because it says what it does on the tin. You are up front and open about all aspects of your product. So many websites and marketing campaigns “Giveth with the Large print but Taketh away with the small”.

I liked his statement as it is exactly what GeoSIM and Geodesa is all about.

Many of our customers buy from us because of our open and honest website.

I want Geodesa’s customers to have the best value service and to know exactly what they are buying. Geodesa prides itself in being open and honest about the benefits and limitations of GeoSIM. If we don’t think GeoSIM will suit your requirements, we’ll tell you.

If I could, I would have all of the type face and font sizes the same – so there is no “small print”. Unfortunately, this would make a rather bland and boring website. So we do not hide away clauses and caveats in hard to find places on the website. This means there are “lots of words”, but I believe in providing all relevant information so the customer can make a fully informed decision.

Telecoms is often referred to as an “Impersonal Business”. I believe in going against the grain and strive to make our business with you personal – if you want it to be.

Geodesa staff are happy to answer questions and are happy to provide advice. They aim to be as impartial as possible (even though we would love you to have one of our GeoSIM global SIM cards!)

Geodesa aims to offer a personal service in an “impersonal business”.

Kind regards

Ed Neal
Managing Director