Jan 30

How to set up your Smartphone, USB modem or tablet for Data Roaming

GeoSIM global SIM cards can be used in a multitude of devices for data roaming.  Provided the device allows an Access Point Name (APN) to be set, then setting up for data roaming is quick and easy.

First locate the menu option on your device that allows you to set up a new APN or connection.  For example, on Android devices this is under settings/wireless & networks/mobile networks/Access point Names.

Actual menu options will vary depending on device, but you will only need to enter a couple of simple settings to allow your GeoSIM to provide your data roaming connection.

Give the new APN a logical name, for example “GeoSIM Data”, in the APN field, enter “mobiledata”

There is no need to enter any user name or password, IP address or DNS values.

Some devices such as USB Modems or USB Dongles will require a “number” to dial.  If, so, enter *99#

Data roaming charges can be found at www.globalsimcard.co.uk and start at a few pence per MB in the USA.

If you don’t have a GeoSIM roaming SIM card, you can buy one here

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