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T-Mobile to Massively Increase non EU Roaming Charges in October

Whilst “everyone” is talking about the proposed merger/joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange, news came out about a series of eye-watering price hikes for users roaming outside the EU, taking effect in late October.

With the EU price capping on voice, text and data charges when roaming within member states, GeoSIM has always said this will lead to roaming costs outside the EU to  increased to compensate.  T Mobile is the first to meet our predictions and we would not be surprised to all the other major networks to follow in the not too distant future!

T-Mobile has now jumped on the price-increase bandwagon, with new costs that take effect from the 26th of October.

T Mobile calls made or received in Andorra, Faeroe Islands or Switzerland will rise from 55p to £1 per minute.

USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will rise from between 55-75p per minute to a new cost of £1.20 per minute.

In contrast, GeoSIMs market breaking Dual number SIM offers free incoming calls in the USA, and calling at a flat rate of £0.28 per minute – in fact the same prices as if you were in the EU.

T Mobile says other countries, with charges ranging from £1.30-£1.40 per minute will rise to £1.50 per minute. This will include countries such as the UAE (Dubai), a popular holiday and business destination.

T-Mobile has attempted to explain its actions by offering a FAQ section on its website:

  • Why have you made changes to the cost of making and receiving calls from abroad?
    When customers use their mobile abroad, we pay the local provider a fee for the use of their network. With the weakening of the pound, these costs have gone up and for this reason we’ve had to look at changing some of our own prices.

GeoSIM says:  Eh!  GeoSIM also pays this fee and can offer free incoming or significantly lower rates that the major networks.  The pound is now back at about $1.60 to the £.  If this “argument” were true, then why did they not hike prices when the exchange rate was around $1.30 at the end of 2008?

  • Which customers will be affected by the price change?
    The new rates apply to all T-Mobile pay as you go and contract customers (including business customers who we’ve sent a text message to)

We’d have loved to have seen the recipients face when they received that message!

  • Does this apply to registered business customers who are on a consumer plan?
    Yes, the rate change will apply to all business customers who we’ve sent a text message to.

GeoSIM offers the same great rates to individuals, business, students.  Don’t get ripped of Roaming, buy a GeoSIM!

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  1. Wolfgang muller Says:

    This certainly isn`t a good news. As initially only, roaming rates were quite high and now another hike in their charges isn`t a thing which customer`s will like.

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