Oct 01

GeoSIM Global SIM Card works with iPhone 4

GeoSIM has tested its Global SIM card in the iPhone 4 and can confirm that it works perfectly.

Although the iPhone 4 has a “micro SIM”, the micro SIM is no more than a cut down standard SIM card.

Various templates and micro SIM cutters are available on line to trim a standard SIM card down to the micro SIM card size.  Care must be taken trimming the SIM to the correct size and alignment otherwise the SIM will not work.

3 Responses to “GeoSIM compatible with iPhone4”

  1. Lori Jo Says:

    Simply cut a regular SIM card to fit. One can even purchase a SIM card trimmer for the purpose.

  2. admin Says:

    If you are cutting a SIM, it is strongly advised to use a proper cutter. Alignment of the SIM in the handset is critical and if its not trimmed or cut correctly the contacts will not line up correctly with the PINs in the SIM slot. This will make the SIM unusable.

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