Jun 24

Machines can talk with GeoSIMs Machine to Machine (M2M) service

GeoSIMs M2M service allows remote sensors and tracking devices to communicate globally without the need to use local SIM cards and without the worry of GPRS data roaming or SMS charges.

GeoSIMs M2M coverage extends across more than 550 networks in more than 200 countries without any roaming charges.

M2M messages are passed from any machine, remote sensor or tracker via the mobile phone network directly to the customers server or user defined URL in a matter of seconds no matter where the devices is located on earth provided a mobile phone signal is available.

With minimum latency and very low power requirements, GeoSIMs M2M service offers a very cost effective solution for “the internet of things” and M2M applications such as trackers, sensors and control systems.




Mar 25

DID HQ Press release

GeoSIMs press release for our new innovative DID virtual number service can be found at www.globalsimcard.co.uk/global-sim-experts-launch-innovative-did-virtual-local-number-service.php

Mar 14

How to call GeoSIM for “Free”.

Most networks allow calls to land lines “free” of charge or from inclusive minutes.

Adding a local phone number to your GeoSIM can, in most cases, mean your friends, family and colleagues can call you for free using their bundled or inclusive call allowances.

Adding one or more local numbers to your GeoSIM can significantly lower the cost for people calling you when you travel with your GeoSIM international SIM card.

www.didhq.com offers local phone numbers from over 2400 cities and over 60 countries.  All DID HQ numbers can be mapped directly to a GeoSIM global SIM meaning there is no forwarding charge.

For example, you could add a USA, South Africa and Australian phone number so your contacts in each country can call your GeoSIM at local rates.

One of the unique features of mapping a DID HQ number to a GeoSIM is that your GeoSIM can show your DID HQ local number as its caller ID when making a call.

DID’s offer the ability to have a “virtual presence” in multiple countries and route calls to any phone, mobile or SIP/VoIP account meaning over seas customers and contacts can call you at local rates no matter where you are in the world.



Feb 18

Add local phone numbers from over 2500 cities around the world to your GeoSIM.

You can now add local phone numbers from over 60 countries and thousands of cities to your GeoSIM.

Give your friends, family and business contacts a local phone number to call you on and receive calls on your GeoSIM.

I addition, DIDhq numbers can be redirected at any time to a mobile, land line, VoIP or SIP account.

Visit www.didhq.com for more details.

Nov 19

Use Prime Profile in UK

In preparation for lower calling costs in the UK, we have moved the UK to the Prime profile.

GeoSIM users should now select the Prime profile when in the UK and select the T – Mobile, Orange or Everything Everywhere networks.

More news on lower rates in the UK and Europe coming soon.

Sep 26

Add DID’s & Virtual numbers to your GeoSIM.

We’re looking in to adding a new service for GeoSIM customers that would allow you to add phone numbers from 65 countries and hundreds of cities to your GeoSIM.

We want to make sure the service gives you what you want.

We’d be really grateful if you would take 1 minutes to answer 7 questions about adding DID’s & virtual numbers to your SIM card.

Please take our survey here.

Thanks in advance.

Sep 26

Unlock your handset.  iPhones, Samsung, HTC and many more….


Jul 12

Climbing for Charity in Tanzania.

On the 8th July 2012, 19 year old Ella Bishop from Milton Keynes and a group of 30 other students flew out to Tanzania for three weeks.

During their trip, they are undertaking the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in order to raise money for Childreach International, a charity that works around the world to provide education, health-care and human rights for deprived children and their communities.

So far, the group of students have raised over £60,000 for the charity, which will help the charity help even more children around the world to provide the things that so many of us take for granted. In 2010, they provided 40,694 children with access to an education – these figures are ever increasing as birth rates and child poverty rise.

To find out more about what Childreach do visit www.childreach.org.uk and to find out about Ella’s trip or donate, visit https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/ellaclimbskili4kids

GeoSIM are proud to support Ella and have provided her with a couple SIM cards and credit, so Ella and her family can stay in touch without having to worry about roaming charges and expensive phone bills.


May 01

Do use your GeoSIM in a unique way, or have you made exceptional savings?

We would love to hear from GeoSIM customers who use their GeoSIM in a different,  interesting or unique way, or that have made exceptional savings.

May be you use your SIM in a tracking device, use it for remote control of an appliance, or maybe you have made significant savings.

If you have a “story”, we would really like to hear about how you use your GeoSIM , how it is useful to you and the problem it has solved for you.

We will choose a couple of stories each month and post them on our blog, or newsletter.  If you have a commercial website we would add a link to your website and add some call credit to your GeoSIM account.

We look forward to hearing your story!

Apr 30

GeoSIM at Seawork 2012, Southampton 22nd – 24th May

GeoSIM will be exhibiting at Seawork 2012.

We’ll have “open house” at our stand for Ship owners, managers and crew attending the show.

Come and see how GeoSIM works and how it can reduce ship and crew calling costs by up to 85%

Seawork 2012